Question connecting my gaming pc to LG GL650F 27 inch monitor

Oct 9, 2020
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i have a pc running GTX 1660 Ti and i am looking to connect my monitor which is a LG GL650F 27 inch monitor. i can connect using hdmi port but this monitor also came with a display port cable to use display port on the monitor. can i use display port to hdmi converter cable to make the connection ? i heard that if i use hdmi connections , i might not get the complete 144 hz rate, is this true ? also if i use dp to hdmi converter cBle will it do the trick ? please help
I'm afraid I'm not that great on monitors, but I dont see why you can't just use the Display port cable?

Article here says you should be fine with HDMI anyway, apparently some older monitors didnt support 144hz with HDMI 1.4.


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