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Feb 17, 2021
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I am looking for a gaming pc with good color accuracy for graphic design (drawing, photo and video editing, etc). I’ve been looking into the asus tuf a15. But it seems that the color accuracy isn’t necesarily the best.

The reason i prefer a gaming laptop is because most if not all of them have really good graphic cards integrated, they are powerful, the battery last for hours, and it’s really hard for them to overheat.

I find those 4 things really important. (1. Color accuracy, 2. graphic card, 3. battery life, 4. cooling system)

If someone know’s a non gaming laptop who meets those requirements too, it’s more than welcomed.

Thanks for reading me :)
Dec 7, 2020
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Just to comment on part of your post....gaming laptops tend to have fairly poor battery life (in comparison to the typical laptop these days, anyway) because of the high performance nature of the device. If that's an important thing to you, I'd shy away from a gaming laptop.
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