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Ubisoft has been getting some things right lately, and one of those things was taking Assassin's Creed off of a yearly release schedule. The games have been well-loved and there have been no more Unity-like disasters. When Ubisoft gets it right, they create fantastic games, and I have very high hopes for Mirage.

There's been a dump of info on Mirage recently, so I thought I would put some of that in one place.

Release Date: October 5, 2023

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System Requirements:

The most recent Mirage video, which is on some specific PC features.
Wow! This game has an incredible PC version. I know I'm usually a bit sarcastic, but I'm being completely serious here. Ubisoft really did it right this time.

According to the benchmarking tool (which seems to actually run worse than the game itself), I'm getting an average of 66 FPS at 1440p on Ultra High settings. Here's a screen grab of the benchmark in progress:


But running great is only part of the story. The graphics options are some of the most complete I've ever seen and even offers detailed descriptions of what the setting does. For instance, when I went to Motion Blur, it told me that it was only active when the camera was attached to the assassin's bird.

It has 3 types of super-sampling, AMD, Nvidia and even Intel. The game runs so well, you may not even use them.

The only thing I noticed it doesn't have is ray tracing, but the water reflections are magnificent, and ray tracing, IMO, is much ado about nothing except that it tanks your performance, which is definitely something.

Just extremely impressed. Nice job Ubisoft.

The only problems I've had so far were that 1) My initial download was corrupted and 2) While I was trying to figure out what was wrong, I had to watch the unskippable opening cutscene about half-a-dozen times.


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