Ubisoft games (Mirage, Motorfest) crashing shortly after start-up


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I've been having a problem with Ubisoft games (Assassin's Creed Mirage and The Crew: Motorfest) downloaded directly from Ubisoft's launcher crashing shortly after start-up, and I've found that the problem involves the downloads themselves. Many people may not know you can do a file integrity check in Ubisoft's launcher.

Select the game and look toward the bottom of the options list and click on "Properties". From there look where it says "Local Files" and click on "Verify Files".

The system found missing or corrupted files in both of my installations and fixed them. No more problems.

Just thought this might help someone else.


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Steam has that, too. In fact, the instructions for finding Steam's version are about the same! Right click on the game in your library, pick properties, go to the installed files side-tab, and click the Verify Integrity button.

Oh, there's a FAQ page now with a warning saying you should not try to verify more than one game at a time.