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Feb 6, 2023
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I am coming back into building a new PC after spending almost 20 years on a Mac.

Why Are You Upgrading: (e.g. I'm having trouble running game X or my PSU broke)
The Imacs are extremely limited and difficult to upgrade. Looking for a more versatile system/solution for my video editing needs and a solution that I can upgrade as necessary.

Budget: (e.g.: 300-400) Before / After Rebates; Before / After Shipping
$2500 or less

Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: this week (the closer the better)
Within a month

Use Case: What will your machine be used for? (e.g.: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies)
Will be used for video editing 4k/5k footage, running 2 drone simulations on steam, surfing the net and other basic things. It would ONLY be used for those things.

Parts to Upgrade: (e.g.: CPU, mobo, RAM) **Include Power Supply Make & Model If Re-using**
Currently dont have a PC as I am using an Imac.

Are you buying a monitor: Yes / No

Your Monitor Resolution and desired frame rate: (e.g.: 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200 or if you're upgrading please state what you'd want to get)
Would prefer something that will last me for a while and give a great image for video editing.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts? (Newegg, Amazon, or somewhere else)

Parts Preferences: by brand or type (e.g.: I would like to upgrade to Intel CPU)
Intel, Asus, Kingston

Overclocking: Yes / No / Maybe

Additional Comments: (e.g.: Need to have a window and lots of bling, I would like a quiet PC. Please also list specific software or games you're using)
No bling really necessary. Looking for a more functional rig that can handle video editing.

I have come up with a list of things that I think may handle it, but also need advice on what I am missing? Right now, I am at about $2100.

MOBO: ASUS Prime Z790-P WiFi LGA 1700(Intel® 13th &12th Gen) ATX Motherboard (PCIe 5.0,DDR5,14+1 Power Stages,3X M.2,WiFi 6,Bluetooth v5.2,2.5Gb LAN, Front Panel USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C®, Thunderbolt™ 4/USB4) : Electronics
CPU: Intel Core i9-13900K Desktop Processor 24 cores (8 P-cores + 16 E-cores) 36M Cache, up to 5.8 GHz : Electronics
Memory: (64 gig) Kingston FURY Beast 64GB (4x16GB) 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 Desktop Memory Kit of 4 KF432C16BBK4/64,Black : Everything Else
GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming OC 8G (REV2.0) Graphics Card, 3X WINDFORCE Fans, LHR, 8GB 256-bit GDDR6, GV-N3070GAMING OC-8GD Video Card : Electronics
SSD:(2tb) SAMSUNG 980 PRO SSD 2TB PCIe NVMe Gen 4 Gaming M.2 Internal Solid State Drive Memory Card, Maximum Speed, Thermal Control, MZ-V8P2T0B : Electronics
Power: Corsair RMX Series (2021), RM1000x, 1000 Watt, Gold, Fully Modular Power Supply,Black : Everything Else
Case: ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 Mid-Tower Computer Case for up to EATX Motherboards with USB 3.0 Front Panel Cases GT501/GRY/WITH Handle : Electronics
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Hi. The motherboard and RAM you picked are not compatible, you'd need DDR5 RAM to go with that one. From benchmarks I can find online its hard to say if whatever video editing programs you are using would benefit from DDR5, but I would think faster (5600+) will be helpful in some cases.

You might get more answers over at Toms Hardware. As this is a gaming site, I dont know much first hand about video editing, and I'm not sure too many others here do either.

I can tell you you're going to want a good quality 360mmm AIO liquid cooler on that CPU as it pumps out a lot of heat, and that a good quality 850Watt PSU would be enough with an RTX 3070 even with that CPU. I also advise you to get a case with a mesh front and top for ventilation. The fashion for glass boxes in gaming computers does not do components much good over time. If your machine is working at 100% load for long periods doing video work it would be best to prioritize cooling over tempered glass and RGB aesthetics.
You did pretty well other than what Kaama pointed out. My only suggestion would be if you're gaming, it might be worth it to drop your CPU down to an i7 instead of the i9, and get a better video card. If you could pull off getting an RTX 4080 for a little over $1200, that would be great. But at the very least, I encourage you to spend less than $200 more to get an RTX 4070 Ti. It's not much more money than a 3070, and it performs on par with a 3090.

And even dropping to an i7, it would still do pretty well for video editing.
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