Adding RAM, but saving to mass upgrade

So, last year, I planned to upgrade my system’s graphic card from a xfx rx-580 8GB GDDR5 to a GeForce RTX 3070i, when prices dropped a bit more…

I have now, been thinking, and I think, I have 2 options, what should I do, which one would you do?

first option
buy new ram for my current system
save and buy new motherboard, new cpu and ram to the current generation
then resave and buy a new graphics card, something like a GeForce RTX 4080 or newer

second opinion
buy new ram for my current system
save and buy the GeForce RTX 3070ti
Then resave and buy the new motherboard cpu and ram from the current generation

I say current generation as ddr5 ram is now out, new ryzen 7000 series chips

i am not doing much gaming at the moment, doing some DIY stuff as I need new stuff made like my desk, new flooring etc. so I am using it for design work. At least I am trying to.

Yes, I plan and started to find some software for 3d design.

I plan to not only design and plan for my diy projects, but also getting a 3d printer to repair and upgrade a load of things around the house.

On top of all of this, I do my gaming in the winter months, when the weather won’t allow me to do anything outside.

I got some 3d software design for my pc, but it’s slow progress, thinking if I add ram now things will run smoothly.
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How much RAM do you plan to have in total? 16 GB isn't enough for a lot of graphical work. Going with faster 16 GB RAM won't really help you noticeably, I don't think.

If that were my computer, the first thing I'd do is replace the system drive with a larger SSD. Those are very affordable right now.

As for whether you should replace the CPU or the GPU first, I'd just keep an eye on prices and get which ever one you could get a good deal on first. On the other hand, that 3070ti is good for running AI, which a lot of companies are incorporating into their software. If you use that kind of thing, then it would make sense to me to change the GPU first.

so, I have not updated my signature, but I have upgraded and added an additional ssd… why add 2 500gb instead of 1 1tb, i got a buy 1 get 1 for cheap… something like 75% off… something like that.

I plan to add an additional 16gb or 32gb totalling either 32 or 48gb if my system won’t accept the additional ram, as been told before… then it would be 32gb if I went for the additional 32 over 16… my problem is, I don’t want to spend money on stuff I will soon upgrade.
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