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@Vast1y Sorry to tell you this is very unlikely to be possible. An old low end GPU alone is going to set you back at least 100 2nd hand.

It might be possible if you got lucky with local sales, thrift stores and flea markets but youd really need to know what you were looking for first and you most likely wouldnt be looking at 60FPS in new AAA games.

The easiest cheap way to get on the ladder with PC gaming at the moment with decent performance in modern games is with a Steam Deck at I think $400.
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Oops, how did I miss the $200?

Yeah, what Kaamos said, $200 won't get you anywhere.

Maybe family or friend who's getting a new PC might hand down older one to you? Would still likely be much better than whatever you might get for $200.

I've seen credible YT entry-level gaming builds around $7-800.

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Yeah, but would you still be able to get drivers for a set of parts which would only total 200? It would have to be a Linux or similar 'free' OS, so drivers and old games which would run are an issue.

I would hold the $200 and put word out to family & friends, and/or earn some more to add to it—not throw it away now on what's likely to be no/low value.
yes but its gaming performance wouldn't be amazing

example: https://store.blackview.hk/products/mp60-mini-pc
its not a flashy box with rgb but its a PC. And only $200 there

not saying they should get it, but cheap low power PC exist now. If the games he wants to play aren't new, it could work

really my mum needs something like that. though not that one, its only dual core, would be slower than what she has.
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