2 mass effect andromeda questions ( pc )

Choosing team mates

If you have used the other mass effect games you will know that before you set off on a mission a screen comes up with all possible squad members and you choose the ones you want , in andromeda you go into a different menu to look for possible party members then you choose select. For some reason i select my party but the chosen ones do not come with me ???

Weapon slots

Sometimes i can choose 2 weapons but mostly i am only allowed to choose 1 but i dont know why ???


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Sorry, it's been too long since I played that, but isn't there some sort of confirmation you have to do to change crew members?

You may want to ask on the Steam Andromeda forums (even if you don't have the game there) because that's the best place to find people actively playing the game.
It's been awhile since I played Andromeda as well, but from what I remember, you need to go into the Loadout Selection Screen.

This is accomplished by 3 methods:

1-There is a Loadout Station that is in a small room on the left in the cockpit behind Kallo & Suvi. Click on that for the Loadout Selection Screen. Here you can change what companions you want to take on a mission, and also change your weapon and armor loadout. I remember it being not exactly intuitive, as there's no real tutorial on it, but it's pretty easy once you do learn it. You cannot change companion weapons, which was one of the little things that annoyed me with Andromeda. You'll also come across Loadout Stations in various interior locations on a planet. Depending on your character build, not all weapons, or weapon slots will be available until you unlock them.

2-That same Loadout Selection Screen will appear anytime you leave the Tempest to land on a planet, so if you forgot to go to the Loadout Station when going on a mission, you're still covered.

3-The Loadout Section Screen is also available at all Forward Stations that you unlock on the various planets. This can be huge, as sometimes you want different weapons or companions for situations you didn't anticipate. Unlock those anytime you find one.

I loved Andromeda, not the same love as I have for ME1-3, but it's really good (especially considering it's rocky development), and very underrated. Just thinking about it, I want to go and start a new playthrough.

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