1440p Monitor for work and gaming (With USB-C)

May 29, 2024
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I'm setting up my new home office and I'm in the market for a new monitor.

I'm looking at a 1440p resolution monitor that's 27" (I'm open to ultrawide as well)

Initially I'm going to use the monitor for work so having USB-C with power would make life much easier - It would need to be 60W+ so that it powers the laptop throughout the day.

The Cooler Master GP27Q looked ideal, but I've since discovered all the firmware issues!

I've also seen the AOC AG274QZM - Fortunately for a significantly lower cost than it's initial starting price.

I don't really want to go down the USB-C dock approach as I'm going to setup a gaming PC at some point and want it to be very quick and easy to switch from desktop to laptop.


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