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I love companions in games, mainly RPGs (but there are exceptions), and I'm curious what companions other players think are/were the best of the bunch. So if you would please:

1-List your favorite 10 companions, no particular order, the game they're from, and if possible, why.
2-Can be from any game (doesn't have to be an RPG), or from any Mod. I've included mods (at least in my list), because there are a few really exceptional companion mods out there.
3-Include an honorable mention list for any companions that didn't make your top ten list (optional).

My top ten list, in no particular order, as they come to mind (I may have forgotten some):

1-Minsc (BG1 & BG2) Minsc is a legend. One of the first companions to have a truly unique personality, coined some dialog lines that are still known today.

2-Garus (ME1 thru ME3) Garus traveled with Shepard through 3 games, changed in the process, and always had Shepard's back.

3-Liara (ME1 thru ME3) (ME 2 is included because of the DLC) Liara also stuck with Shepard, may/or may not have been an LI.

4-Eder (POE1 & POE2) Eder had some of the funniest lines I've heard, especially in POE2, and he always took a beating in combat and never fell.

5-Varick (DA2 & DAI) Another companion with a unique personality, one of the last created by Bioware that truly stood out.

6-Alistar (DAO, with cameo's in DA2 & DAI) Quirky, snarky, but a good heart.

7-Boone (FONV) A tragic past if you explored it, not as much dialog as I'd hoped, but one of the best characters in FONV.

8-Willow (FONV) (Nexus mod by IlamaRCA) One of the best companions ever created, has great interactions with Boone.

9-Inigo (Skyrim & Skyrim SE) (Nexus mod by Smartbluecat) If you only use 1 mod for Skyrim, use Inigo, he is just drop dead funny, great interactions with some of Bethesda's companions. Use him with Moll the Lioness, it's hilarious.

10-Vilja (Skyrim & Skyrim SE) (Nexus mod by Emma) Another truly intricate companion mod that has some great interactions with Bethesda's generic NPCs.

Honorable Mention: Liliana (DAO, cameo in DA2, advisor in DAI), Morigan (DAO, DAI but not a companion), Wrex (ME1, cameos in ME2 & 3), Ohgren (DAO), Alyx (Half Life 2 & the Episodes), Mort (Planescape Torment).

This is just my list, and yours will be different, but it's all subjective. I'd like to see others.
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How did I not see this topic before!?!?

Minsc: first and foremost.

HK47 in the Old Republic games: just a little behind Minsc. (The way that one minor race in Mass Effect announces their emotions before speaking comes right out of the HK47 cookbook.)

Varric the dwarf was a good one in the Dragon Age games - a pity he wasn't in the first game. The bit where he describes what happened when he met his brother was awesome!

Vilja's Skyrim mod was definitely a good one.

Oh, and Joachim Valentine from Shadow Hearts: Covenant on Playstation 2! A vampire into wrestling and... odd weapons. (Hmmm, that's a pretty nice tuna...)

Floyd, from Infocom's Planetfall. Clever, funny, would never hurt anyone and... and... Idontwannatalkaboutit!!!! <runs out of the room>


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Wheatley in Portal 2 - Made you laugh most of the game pretty much
GLaDOS in Portal 2 - Made you laugh the rest of the game pretty much
Dogmeat in Fallout - Really hard to keep him alive, don't think I ever did
Penultimo in Tropico 6 - A trusty advisor through thick or thin
S.H.O.D.A.N. in System Shock 2 - She helps just as much as she hurts


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