Wordle—daily Browser 3-min word puzzle

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Which of course means you would be omitting probably at least half of the words!

* mentally crosses Guido off list of potential analyst hires *
Guido is going to be a chemistry major anyway. English is the bane of his existence. He's a junior in high school and he has college credit honors classes in everything except for his remedial English class. Kid can do calculus with his eyes closed, but can't pick the subject out of a sentence. We're working on it, though. (He's going to read this and never post anywhere his dad posts ever again lol)

Brian Boru

Wordle 210 4/6

I most definitely won't start using any optimized word lists, I prefer going on a whim lest it starts to feel like an algorithm building practice
Yep, I think that'll be needed to keep it fun longer-term. Something like you must start with the first 5-letter word you read in the morning's news story, or whatever.


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