Wordle—daily Browser 3-min word puzzle

Browser Word Game, like Mastermind board game.
Word games are a lifelong fav of mine, whether paper, board or digital. I like this one.

Remember Mastermind? Wordle is similar, but with words instead of colored pegs.
There's one puzzle a day, takes ~3 minutes.
Guy who made it, his name is Wardle—so we know where he got the idea for the game name!
More about Wordle

Was starting to clutter @ZedClampet's weekly 'currently playing' threads, so let's clutter this one instead, for as long as it lasts.
Go here to play, and copy/paste your result in a post here—click the SHARE button there to copy.

The secret for me is eliminating letters. I try for 15 unique letters in first 3 rows, and then try to solve from 4th. By 4th I should know about the vowels+Y, and 8-9 of the most common consonants. That makes it easy to come up with a good guess—the tricky part is that letters can be repeated.

Of course vary this if you get lucky in the first couple of rows, and share any good tips here—have fun :)

ETA: last BB scoresheet in Post 867.
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I had 4 correct letters after two guesses, so I just went ahead and guessed a word
Yeah, if you get hits early on it's worth a shot. My best so far is my second-ever effort, where I got big hits on line 1 and then got lucky on line 2, where there were a number of possibilities and my guess happened to be right.

Wordle 200 2/6

This was kind of fun!
Nicely done :)


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