Wolfenstein The New Order—mouse leaves screen

In very first action scene—on plane, putting out fire—when I look around to left, my mouse flies off onto 2nd monitor, which is left of main one. Game then minimizes and goes back to menu screen. 3 times in 10 seconds is a bit of an immersion killer…

I had a look in graphics menu. Not much there—is this a console port?—but I changed from Fullscreen to Windowed Fullscreen. I don't see the usual 'Lock to screen' setting.
I'm not filled with confidence when I see wrong resolution reported for 2nd monitor :unsure:

I have a 2017 Alienware Aurora R6 [specs PDF] desktop with an i7-7 & 1060 w 6GB & 16GB DDR4—all fine per Steam specs—and 2 TVs as monitors. I recall over ~20 years ago needing to disconnect 2nd monitor to play some game(s), but not in last 2 decades.

Anyone got 2 mons working properly?

Screenshots are black
Same for me when trying to shot my graphics settings. Suggestion in link above is to hit screenshot key multiple times to get one shot.

Beware Starting-Over & Saves
That Steam thread warns re saving stupidity—seems if you start a new game, it deletes your old saves???
To play 2nd timeline, start in 'Chapters'.

Keybinding E and J
If you use either of those keys for anything important—eg some use for movement keys—see the end of that thread for getting around that they're hardcoded to some other infrequently used functions.
This has to be a console port.

Fergus or Wyatt?
Fergus seems to be the hard-headed choice.
I forgot I'd tried this one before, but good to find an old post with detail—post was hidden for some reason.

I tried taking screenshots of the graphics settings, but it comes up black—screenshot works on main menu screen :unsure:

In fairness, game has a warning label—ie it says up-front "Bethesda". Reading a bit on Steam & Reddit, it seems to be a clunker from a UI POV.

Anyway… any suggestions?


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