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Please read the whole post before you post - to make sure you don't misunderstand what I'm asking.

Is there anyway to easily switch from Dual Wield of one weapon type, and then switch straight to Single weild of something totally different?
Eg normally I'd set it up so I can quickly switch between two setups by pressing Q... but can't figure out how to do it for this?

For example - say I want to switch between
Dual Wield Schlockhammer (shotgun)
Single Sturmgewehr (rifle)

The reason I want to do this is so that I can use the Scope/Zoom on the Single weapon (that and the screen is less cluttered).

Any ideas on how to do this (ideally without writing binding stuff etc?)

Thank you for your help
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The way I've always done it is just hit the key that brings up the weapon you want to use in dual wield, while you're already holding one weapon in the other hand. Tapping that key again removes the added weapon from dual wield. There's no limit that way to what you can dual wield with. The benefit with this method, is you can carry a powerful weapon like the Laserkraftwerk in one hand, and a more common one like the Maschinepistole, or Sturmgewehr in the other. That way in places where you have very tough enemies mixed with common foot troops, you can hold down left or right mouse button depending which hand you have the Laserkraftwerk in to charge it up, and then tap the other mouse button to kill foot troops. When the tough enemy appears, just let go of the other button and blast him with a powerful charged Laserkraftwerk shot.

That said, as far as I know, there is no way to switch from dual wield of one weapon, to single wield of another, with one key tap, unless of course instead of using 2 Schockhammers in dual wield, you used a Schockhammer and a scoped Sturmgewehr in dual wield, then just tap the Schockhammer key to go to the scoped Sturmgewehr in single wield. Keep in mind while the scoped Sturngewehr is in dual wield, you would not be in scoped view, so close up shots would not be compromised.
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