Question Windows Freezes but Not In Safe Mode

Aug 3, 2021
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Hello my name is Jiyan. My problem is this: When I login to the windows, after approximately 2 minutes, computer freezes if there is a background sound it stuck, nothing works except my laptop's keyboard light control key and fan key. When this happens only solution is to do forced shutdown via power key. But when in safe mode with networking everything works fine. What I tried so far:

1) Clean windows format via usb stick (I tried 2 different usb sticks and 2 different windows iso: one from Microsoft's site the other from my university's software server)

2) I unmounted my SSD I format my HDD: nothing fixed

3) I unmounted my HDD, I format my SSD: nothing fixed

4) I used Window's memory test tool and also with memtest86 I scanned my RAM: Results said my RAM isn't the problem.

5) I unmounted my Wireless Card: Nothing fixed

6) I controlled every cable inside the laptop, reinstalled the thermal paste and I cleaned fans: nothing fixed.

7) My laptop battery health is %82.

8) My laptop manufacturer says my BIOS is up to date.

9) In safe mode i used SFC features and I did virus scan: nothing fixed.

10) Just one time I reformatted my pc after haven't touched it for 4-5 days and I installed drivers and I thought I fixed the problem because my laptop worked for 30 minutes with no problem, after that I installed a windows cumulative update via Windows Update, I restart the pc and bum 2 minutes later pc freezes again.

More interestingly few times I couldn't even format my pc via usb stick, because of this freezing issue.

Lastly I want to tell the problem's history: For last 2 months I had this issue but when only I unplugged the power cable. I couldn't used my laptop on battery because of this freezing issue. So I tried various settings for to solve this issue from microsoft's forums but I couldn't. And every time I failed I had to do a force shutdown via power key (maybe I forced shutdown my laptop 20 times in 2 days) so after this even on power cable this freezing issue happens and I can't use my laptop as I told you in this thread. And frequency of this freezing issue increased its frequency rapidly in just a one day.

My Laptop Specs:

Intel i7 6700hq


240 GB SSD and 750 GB HDD

4 GB Nvidia Gtx 965M
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Check out Tahacamm's thread…
…since a lot of the troubleshooting will be the same.

Now I'm gonna kick back and let the experts on Tom's solve it.
Aug 13, 2021
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hello , u can make system restore, go back to the first time windows, or if u cant run windows, is suggest u to check event viewer on administrative tool, it on control panel. the log of your windows will appear, u cant solve the problem at there. it must be hardware or software, see the error first and u cant solve the problem