Will this part swap work easily?

It looks like a regular mATX board at a glance, in which case it would be fine. But why do you want to replace the board? And is the product still under warranty, since that would presumably invalidate the warranty?
Jun 13, 2020
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Thanks for the reply. I was told it was a weak link in my system and wanted to replace it with something better. Also, it has 2 more RAM slots.
Why do you feel you need more RAM slots?

In what way is it a "weak link"?

I can think of several reasons why I wouldn't buy that motherboard if it was on a shop shelf versus other products, but if it works fine in your system, it's not worth spending $160 on to replace (while also invalidating the warranty?).

I'd suggest leaving the system alone and getting your money's worth from what you've already spent on it. :)