Question Why No Monitor Signal when trying to install SSD

Jan 13, 2020
Hi everyone i recently bought a samsung evo 8601tb ssd. I was planning on doing a clean install of windows 10 as my original hdd was 3tb and crammed with stuff i dont need.

I formatted a usb to do a fresh windows install and then disconnected my hdd and connected the ssd. When i pressed the power, the pc fired up as normal except for getting no signal on the monitor. I tried unplugging my gfx card and fired it up again and sure enough i got a picture. I refitted my original hdd and that also worked. I then tried my ssd again and again no monitor signal.

I tried using different sata ports and also cables and still no result.

Any ideas what could be the problem? I thought i would try here before going to a shop to leave it in. Any help be appreciated thanks.

My system is as follows
I5 4690k
Gtx 1660ti
16gb ram
Gigabyte mobo
Corsair 600 psu


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