Monitor goes "no signal" in heavy games

Dec 14, 2023
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Hi! It's my first time using a forum, so please be patient. English is not my primary language, I will try to be as coherent as possible.

I'm having a problem with my PC where, when I try to play something "heavy" like Destiny 2, after a while the monitor goes black, displays "no signal," but it stays on. After I force restart it, it goes back to normal until the same thing happens again. Note: this has only been happening recently, and when I first built it, this wasn't an issue. (srry if my english is bad)

My PC configuration is:
AORUS B660m motherboard
Nvidia Galax RTX 3060
Cooler Master 550w 80 plus bronze
2x 8gb 2666mhz HyperX Fury
240gb SSD

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It could be the PSU isn't able to supply the power necessary and turns monitor off.

Which Galax 3060? They seem to have a few

Corsair suggest for a build with a galax 3060 and a 12100f to use a 650watt PSU
Bequiet suggest a 750 but they don't make anything smaller. estimated usage is about 384
Seasonic suggest about a 600watt

Indications are you need just a little more power to not make PC turn screen off when its under stress.
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