Question Which video game you can play for 2-3 months daily without boring?

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One that comes to mind is Ghost Recon Wildlands. I made a complete video walkthrough of it that took 3 months. I managed a play time of just under 10 min per mission, even though I captured everything starting and ending at a safehouse. It took much less than 3 months in game time, but between editing, compressing, and uploading with an abysmal 5Mb speed, it took much longer.

I had already beaten the game on Tier 1 mode, but with the walkthrough I decided to play it on Extreme with no HUD or upgrades. This means you have no ability to call for choppers, so I had to find a safehouse nearest one I could steal. At first this seemed difficult, but it ended up being one of the most fun things. It was always interesting to see what I could come up with.

I also had to do some fairly challenging off road driving at times on narrow trails and such. One of my faves to go off road with was actually the Bolivian Minibus. It wasn't very fast or powerful, but it was light and low geared, making it very capable off road. Getting your bearings with no HUD was difficult at first too, but it went OK once I got a route in my head after a couple tries.

Gameplay wise I stuck to finding the best approach for each objective, using stealth with as few kills as possible to get the job done. Believe it or not I also found starting each mission at 8 AM was not a problem stealth wise. In fact at that hour there are MANY dark shadows you can get cover from prone. The enemies are also easily visible, vs worrying about where some are in the dark.

This is every mission in the main game plus the 3 preorder ones at Media Luna.

I remember your videos were great! I must get back and finish that game sometime, really interesting and fun, should be a future 'Replay' for me.

Thanks, hope you finish the game! (y)

Yeah I wasn't sure I'd like it at first, as other Ghost Recon games prior weren't as well done graphically, and IMO not as well done in voice and dialog. They were also pretty much lacking in story. One of my fave characters in the game is Karen Bowman.

It ended up looking much better than the trailers though, to me it was absolutely breath taking in fact, which is why I tried to end each video of the walkthrough facing a nearby mountain just to pay homage to that. I also like the banter among the squad.
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