What's your most memorable sidequest?

Sidequests have become the norm in most games nowaday. More often than not, these are forgetable, and some are pretty much boring, but once in a while, there are good sidequests. Which ones are your most memorable?

Most of my favorite sidequests are in The Witcher 3, and there are a lot of them to choose from. One of the most memorable for me is "The Tower Outta Nowheres", which also is a subtle-not-so-subtle slap in the face on DRM. Is it my favorite? Probably not, but it is the most memorable.
Far Cry 6 Chicharron

Most memorable of Far Cry 6—because they're a real PITA with gameplay I don't enjoy—are 3 missions required to get Chicharron—the Wicked Chicken—as an Amigo. Totally optional, I didn't recruit him in my first playthru, nor in my current one. He's a fun guy tho, very well animated, so go for it if the missions take your fancy.

View: https://imgur.com/DR1LmC7

Man's Best Enemy
Main action of first mission is being locked in a kennel with a large number of attack dogs that Chicharron doesn't like. Your job is to keep Chicharron alive during waves of dogpiles, so spray 'em, blow 'em up, etc.

Pecking Orders
Second mission is also to protect Chicharron, while he destroys documents at an archive building. Opposition is waves of soldiers.

Final mission is to destroy a statue and survive waves of soldiers coming from all sides.

Do all that and Chicharron joins your Amigo roster. He's a fun melee attacker as I said, but less effective than Guapo once you've leveled Guapo to where he has the self-revive ability—that's the most valuable Amigo trait later in the game.

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I've played hundreds of side quests over the years in multiple RPGs, and many of them are great, but I think the most memorable one is the Bloody Baron questline from The Witcher 3, as it always comes to mind when someone mentions side quests. It's certainly one of the more emotional ones that I've played.

Technically, I suppose it's more of Bloody Baron storyline, as it's composed of several side quests linked together involving his wife, his daughter, a group of ancient witches, and a group of orphans. However you choose to solve it, the end result (and I've seen 2 different endings) were sad and a bit depressing. But it's so well written, and it's rare when a side quest creates such a strong emotional reaction in me.


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I agree on The Witcher 3 having the best side quests. They were often multi tiered and were as good as story quests in a lot of games. Good luck trying to get me to remember the nuances of them though, as it's been a while since I played the game.

As for Far Cry 6 Amigos, I'm still stuck on Boom Boom, and hard pressed to want to change to any others. He's very well animated. I love the way he sticks his head out the window when you're driving around with him in the passenger seat, and he'll look up at the sky too when the sun is setting or it's starry at night. Sometimes I look over at him and he's just smiling at me, or barking if I bump into things too much. He's also quite good for hunting, keeping predators off you while you're engaged with human enemies, or just spotting things, especially at night when it's dark.

He's pretty fast too, and I often test that in him as I wear the entire Parkour Gear Set, and use it's perk to allow you to sprint for a good distance after sliding. He DOES get slowed down when the terrain gets gnarly where I jump fences and parachute off cliffs, but he's pretty fast at catching back up. This is how I do much if not most of my traveling, as the game world is so beautiful to explore.

He's tough too, but a little dumb when it comes to fire and aquatic predators. By that I mean he can be a bit slow to figure out to run AWAY from fire, instead of into it (though he self extinguishes pretty fast), and he'll just swim in circles when fish bite him. There was a broken bridge with a Libertad Crate I was trying to get, and it was hard as hell to direct him to high ground to avoid the fish, and when I finally got him there, he'd get pissed at them and try to go back in the water after them. LOL

In a tough fight with several human enemies though, he helps a lot by taking them out one at a time. Sometimes I get to them first with headshots though, because I don't like them shooting him up. It would be cool if they had optional canine armor, like the kind they equip military dogs with.

Don't know if I'll bother with Chicharron though, dealing with those random wild Roosters is annoying enough.
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Not because its a good quest or anything but the hiddden quest in Sacred 2 which asks you to track down the devs so they can start work on Sacred 3 comes to mine... there were lots of them scattered around map and would only react properly to you if you have quest, saying silly things before. It was so well hidden you had to go down completely off the beaten track and beat a boss just to get to the dungeon the quest is in.

Blind Guardian quest where they ask you to recover their instruments before they can play a concert, is also a stand out.

I wish I remembered how to play this game. Its so big...

no other games really have stand out quests. That I can think of now anyway.

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Pretty sure we've done this topic before, but it was at least a year ago.

Witcher 3 had many, MANY great sidequests, but I only remember a few. (The ones I have screenshots of, naturally.) Like the one where the monsterous-but-not-terribly-evil NPCs put you on trial.

Dragon's Dogma had a silly one where you had to kill a crazy number of rabbits.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey where there was somebody pretending they were your character. Also, Supideo's Prophesy.

Last Remnant - fighting "The Fallen" to get access to the optional dungeon.

Oblivion - the one in the painting (done long before Witcher 3 did a similar quest)

Yakuza 0.... so many. Doing the music video with not-quite-Michael-Jackson and not-quite-Steven-Spielberg, getting Nugget as my new manager, writing up stories for Dolce on the radio, oh - and one of the more awkward side quests:
Final Fantasy 6 - The Clock Puzzle in Zozo. Hail To The King Baby!

Oblivion - The Ring Of Burden Mission. These games always have some odd missions, but this one is oddly cruel.

Fallout 3 - man so many good side quests in this game, but I loved Oasis. Another oddly cruel mission. Man these guys love to really just be evil when creating missions.

Outer Worlds - Weapons From The Void. I know it's not really the best side mission, but man those weapons are as blast. First play through I got a few, but never used them. I honestly thought they sucked, but now after I did my second play through and forced myself to use them, I use them every play through now. They are hilarious.

Fallout 4 - The USS Constitution missions. Man just so out there. I love it.
That's a good one as well. I also just remembered about Paranoia, the quest where some guy thinks a bunch of people are in a conspiracy together and asks you to follow them around.

Oh man the crazy guy behind the church right. Totally forgot about that one. Man I wish I could wipe my memory of that game to play it again. All those games. Beat them so many times and always finding new stuff. I love it.


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