whats every body playing this weekend.

Dying Light and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. It is going to be fun trying out Witcher 2 again since I could not really run much of it back at launch because I had an old PC.

We also have a weekly The Currently Playing & Random Game Thoughts Thread that our community member @ZedClampet has been posting on a regular basis. Feel free to drop by there also and share your games and even get some tips on new games to play:)
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@Frindis Yeah I got it on Game Pass too. Looks awesome. Trying to get family to find a time we can run through it co-op. My brother and I are very keen to play but my younger sister didn't remember Streets of Rage when I tried to describe to her what the game was like. So I don't think the nostalgia will be there for her.
Gradually picking up on acronyms, but that one beats me.
Tomorrow Maybe, Not Today?
The Mystery Never Told?

I'm dipping into Civ6 occasionally, and my usual 5-min solitaire game, Pohtzee.

I hav'int any thing against 1978
Oh good, cos it wasn't a bad year:
Affirmed & Alydar legendary Triple Crown battles
Argentina win first World Cup
China begins economic reform
First person born in Antarctica
First test tube baby
GPS started
Ireland gets a 2nd TV channel
Israel and Egypt peace accord
Space Invaders!
Spain returns to Democracy
Year of 3 popes

What? You don't keep notes? Odd…
God all I do lately is play ARAM. I didn't play LoL for years cause I wasn't the biggest fan of it and ARAM was only ok to me.

Well I got into Vain Glory and loved it, but since it shut down I've been missing the arcade feel to the game so I decided to fire up ARAM for the hell of it after years and now it's what I play, but yet it still doesn't fill the hole Vain Glory speed battle mode filled. 5 minute games were a blast.

Might play some Fallout 4 and some Fortnite. Need to frag me some sinners!!!
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Yeah, I picked that up myself on GOG. I haven't installed it yet, but looking at the comparison shots the visual difference is amazing.

Picked it as well and will play for sure. It's a very time consuming game though (even more than Morrowind), so I need enough of spare time. Great initiative by GOG btw. Not everyone has time nor willingness to set up everything by themselves. It must've been hard to release such a package. It requires consent from the publisher and the authors of the mods. I hope GOG will release more similar packages for other games. Freespace 2 would be a perfect candidate...


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