Question What standard gaming conventions annoy you?

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May 11, 2022
My worst one is progress bars, or more specifically the abstraction of potentially fun tasks into progress bars. Survival games are mostly just about nursing progress bars, some go up some go down. I still love survival games but sometimes the awareness that I'm just staring at bars kinda dilutes the experience a bit.

Crafting is usually just gathering things and then waiting for a progress bar. Which is why I agreed with the recent articles about not putting crafting in games that don't need it. In the end it's just a way to pad the gameplay and it's like sure the campaign is 30 hours 5 of which were spent staring at progress bars.

If crafting itself was gamified like small puzzles or mini games I wouldn't have the impression to just be trolled by devs into waiting for no reason, but the same puzzles would eventually also get old.

I don't have solutions, but as far as gaming convention goes, padding playtime with progress bars doesn't make me feel like I'm eating or building a house. I'm just waiting.
I don't have solutions
Just remove the progress bars. There's plenty of games that let you gather and craft without using progress bars, or at least progress bars you can walk away from (smelting ore is a common one). Though in that case I want to have/be able to unlock the ability to automate the process so I don't have to manually put stuff in and get it out when it's done.
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I hate when games give you NPC team members. I'd much rather just go it alone.

I was playing Halo: Infinite last night, and I'm coming up on the Command Spire. I could tell there were going to be a ton of enemies there, so I kind of wanted to stealth sneak up and snipe as many as I could before entering the section leading up to it.

Unfortunately, I was coming from that FOB that is right next to the spire, so a bunch of soldiers followed me with a bunch of shouting and guns blazing. There was nothing I could do about it. So I had to completely change up the strategy that I wanted to go with. Guess what. When I got in, I had to face two Hunters at once, and my other soldiers were nowhere around to help me with them.



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