What is your most unforgettable game scene?

Interesting question. I loved the final acts of the evil within 2 and will remember them for a long time. Of course I cant forget the witcher 3, but there are too many great quests in that game to mention in one post, so I'll just mention forefathers eve part.
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Are you going to share yours?
That would really help. I'm not quite sure what a scene is in a video game. In a movie, it's a section in a story that takes place in one location without any time jumps. That works in the cinematic bits of video games, too, but not so well in the gameplay. In something like the original Doom or Diablo, I guess it would correspond to a level in the game. I've got no idea what the original poster is asking, though.
On a similar thread i mentioned horizon zero dawn , after the last big battle Aloy discovers " something " its a lump in the throat time.

Also the ending of mass effect 3 , after the last save the ending is like watching a mini movie , if memory serves me correct and it sometimes does ... the end sequence is about 20 minutes long , when it finished i went back to the save point and ran it again.
My current most unforgettable scene is from Pumping Simulator 2. I had ordered a bunch of merchandise for the first time and didn't know when or how it would be delivered. I was scanning all around when suddenly I saw this figure running through the forest. As he got closer, I realized he was carrying a box. He was dressed all in leather and wearing a motorcycle helmet. He ran up to a drop area, threw the box down and exclaimed, "Really!" then turned around and started jogging back to the woods. I hovered my mouse over the box, and it said "potato chips". Where was the rest of my order? I looked back towards the forest and saw about a dozen identical motorcycle guys all jogging towards me carrying a box. It was hilariously ridiculous.

This game also wins my 2023 awards for scariest moment and dumbest criminal. I came home after work, and the game bugged out and everything was pitch black in the house, which has no lights. I was trying to feel my way around when a message suddenly popped up. "Bill exists." I thought that was nice for Bill and kept trying to find the bedroom door, but every few seconds that message would pop up. "Bill exists." What the hell? Why is it unnaturally dark in here? "Bill exists." My paranoia broke through and my brain started screaming, "Oh my God! Bill exists! What are you going to do to me, Bill?" Eventually I recalibrated my monitor's gamma and made it to bed. The next morning I checked my PDA and realized I had a utility bill to pay. "Bill exists."

And there's this idiot woman in a ski mask who crouch-walks around my store (which is the size of a bathroom) stealing things about 8 times a day. She'll just walk right up next to me and start picking up things behind the counter. I open up my tool wheel, select the club, and whack her over the head, which causes her to lie on the floor and twitch for a minute before disappearing. Don't worry. She's okay. She comes back about every five minutes.
Jedi Academy final boss battle. I worked my butt off getting to the end of the game expecting a crazy boss battle.... who knows maybe it is, but that didn't happen for me..... I run at the final boss as they run towards me, we both swing and saber lock. I spammed and spammed and spammed my clicks and won the battle, broke their defense and killed them with a single slice........ and that was it. A single damn slice........ I just still don't know what to say after all these years.
What a lovely question to answer and sneak back into the forum… Hi to all :)
As of my most memorable moments of one game, I have to admit that I don‘t really memorize the scenes as such as more the feeling I had during playing them.
One of my favourite memories comes from The Council (2018), when I played it for the very first time and I still had no clue about how it works and about what the story would be.
To start right away in the company of duchesses, bishops and presidents with the task to keep my secrets secret while trying to get as much information as possible from the conversations… this got me sweating right from the start. However, it also gave me a tickling of joy that I can‘t really describe. To stand in front of George Washington and to decide wheter to lie around or to speak frankly is this moment that I remember the most of it.
At this exact moment the game became one of my all time favourites.
Playing torchlight 2 with mods, one of which clones bosses. Fight one dragon, 4 show up

It made fight confusing as that dragon flies around at one stage, so I had to avoid 4 fire breaths at same time
Results could be rewarding though

not the same fight, but well, i had it happen everytime there.
Mod would put bosses in places they shouldn't be, like in areas that link stages that should be free of enemies... I fought one on a bridge and could only just see it.


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