What gaming quirks do you have?

Mine is killing monkeys. I hate monkeys and if they are in a game and I can kill them I will kill them as much as the game allows.

My most recent monkey killing sprees took place in The Division 2 in the Manning National Zoo zone (though there are not a whole lot of them there), as well as in Eldes Scrolls Online where monkeys congregate in several places. Most recently I have been playing Far Cry Primal the last few days and there are plenty to be had there as well.
For me, I reload after every kill.
This! A million times over.

Also, wherever there's a map in game, I just have to explore it fully! Particularly nonsensical in games like Diablo and Path of Exile, where the worlds are random and the next time I visit the map will be reset, but I do it anyway.

Also, I don't use consumables because 'I might need them later'. I finish every Dark Souls run with a trunk full of firebombs, throwing knives, humanities and resins. Don't even get me started on Skyrim.
Not really sure if it's a quirk or not, but I have to screenshot everything I made and like. So I have over 1000 screenshots of my Skyrim characters, over 200 screenshots of my Cities Skylines cities and a lot of screenshots of my trucks in ETS2 as well.
I wouldn't mind seeing some of those aesthetically pleasing cities of yours over in the Beautiful Game Appreciation topic!
i suppose some of my xcom2 quirks come to play here:

1. my characters never wear helmets or face covered masks. i spend too much time designing my rookies faces and hair that i find that its all wasted hidden behind those awesome combat gas masks, bandanas, balavlavas etc. Too often they look like faceless clones with no character. i do use them every so often for lesser characters and i can go with a bandana. The only time i use masks is probably in WOTC where you got hero units and they all wore masks as standard. berets and caps i'm fine.

2. Sometimes i choose a more organic method of designing my characters. So i normally take some random generated rookies and watch them grow into their roles and customize their attaire accordingly. In most cases i latch onto a particular feature, like their class, some facial feature/hairstyle combined with nationality to come up with a character. Yes its fun to create characters in the pool, but after you've made them theres no fun left developing them further. Some of the best characters have come front the unexpected.

For example my emo (down on her luck, introverted) hooded japanese female operative somehow came into her own with a stellar performance that she became defacto leader of the xcom operatives. celebrated her promotions each time by giving her Advent commander armor/complete with cape and xcom beret to complete the leader look. Changed her stance as well to show she was more confident and stronger character. She did not disappoint with her assualt skills.

i could list a whole load of characters and their backstories but thats besides the point.
Jan 13, 2020
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I reload constantly, to the point it's probably making me get hit more. If I fire 1 shot then pause, I automatically reload.

I also hoarde items and usually end up with a huge surplus of stuff at the end thinking to myself I should've just used it, would've made things easier.
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Yeah, but I don't remember much it was so, so long ago.
I do. Poor little monkeys with their scalps pulled back to reveal their brains for what must have been terribly unethical experiments.

I have the habit of hoarding tons of stuff that might be useful on a rainy day. Most of the time, they never will be. I also have to explore every nook and cranny, which at times can be a hassle if I can't find a way to access the darn place.
What's annoying is that, every once in a great while, it really works. In Divinity: Original Sin 2 there was a nasty demon toward the end that I couldn't even get close to beating. Then I remembered this bit of armor that gave immunity to one of the powers it was using. It still wasn't an easy fight for me but it was enough to make the impossible possible! There was much singing and dancing afterward. And even more hoarding in games to follow.


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In games that have both a single player campaign and a separate multiplayer mode, I cannot play multiplayer until I have played at least a couple hours of single player first.

I am also definitely guilty of the item hoarding and constant reloading that many of us suffer from.
Jan 13, 2020
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I always reload my weapon regardless of how much ammo is used.

I blame the perk Slight of Hand in MW2 for starting this habbit. It has saved me a few times but it has also got me killed.
Jan 13, 2020
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When the paths split and I don't know what lies ahead, I start with one side, go until I reach a memorable point or get to another turn and then back track and explore the other path and I can go back and forth until one seems like the best first one to explore.. likely choosing the smaller path first.

Also, when using a controller, sometimes during loading screens I hit the face buttons counter clockwise in a quick succession, X,A,B,Y,X,A,B,Y.