What game are you currently playing?

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Currently I'm
I'm finally starting Assassin's Creed Valhalla, I've waited a long time for a Viking version of Creed and hope it's as good as the previous editions of the series.
From what I've heard, it starts out meh, then eventually gets interesting. So I hope you are able to be patient with it.

I just finished Chernobylite a couple nights ago, and was a bit surprised by the ending , which had more decision making than fighting. I suppose if you go into it without good crew rep though, there's going to be less opportunities that help you, and more fighting. Overall the game is interesting and unique for the Survival Horror genre, but the first play through seemed a bit annoying due to micromanagement of crew rep.

I'm now finishing up my Halo The Master Chief Collection run on Legendary, having beaten 4 of the 6 games so far on that mode. I'm currently on the 4th mission of Halo 4, Infinity. The mission I just finished, Forerunner, used to cause me lots of stress. Now that I've discovered more effective tactics on how to play it though, it's feeling fun, and I can better appreciate the enemies it contains.
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