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So along with Days Gone and Tales from the Borderlands, I've also been playing a bit of the Final Fantasy IV pixel remaster. I've never played any of the Final Fantasy series until recently so I am on a journey to play them all in order to see how they progress over time.

My thoughts so far:

#1: FFIV: at about 10 hours in, FFIV is easily the best game of the first 4 (all pixel remaster versions). More story-driven and some changes that I prefer (e.g., gaining spells as you level up rather than purchasing them).

Tied #2: FF and FFIII: I enjoyed the first and the third game about the same. Both are solid. I think technically speaking III is probably a bit better (and I know a lot of people like the jobs system that premiered in this game) but purely in terms of enjoyment I found them to be roughly equivalent.

#3: FFII: Last by a wide margin. The dungeons are terrible, progression systems are bad and overall it is worth completely skipping honestly.
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I'll be interested to see how you like FF9, @Ryzengang - that's supposed to be a bit of a love letter to the older Final Fantasy games. I'm curious how that will work out if you just played those older games less than a year ago!
Honestly, I think that is what I'm most interested in* by playing all of the games in a relatively short time span. I don't have any preconceived notions about which are the best in the series and I have no nostalgia or memories to affect my judgement. I'm interested to see how I feel about all of them and which one I end up liking best.
Far Cry 5, with the Resistance mod—it's unplayable for me without the mod, this is my 3rd attempt to play thru the game all the way.

Bit of fun chasing a Prepper Stash in Holland Valley, the one which requires you riding zip lines into the top of a silo—no other way there other than thru the holes up high.

After the second failed zip run, I got distracted by local events, and eventually ended up at Nadine's place—she's the comic book woman. Took me freakin' 20 minutes to find the key to her shed—whack a nearby fridge …this is all in a junkyard, yeah… until the top opens, revealing the wonder key. Really Ubisoft, whack a fridge in a junkyard 🥴

Anyway, Nadine has one major saving grace—she has a chopper next door, as junkyard hang-abouts usually do. So in typical Far Cry 'I wonder…' fashion, I hop in, fly to the Prepper silo, hover just over it, take a deep breath, close eyes, clutch pearls, and… exit!

Yes! Thru the roof, plonked in middle of Prepper Stash! If Boomer wasn't in the middle of a 12-min regen, for sure he'd have wagged "Who's a good boy, then?" at me and licked my face off.

So where was I? Who knows—it's Far Cry, so where you end up is rarely related to where you intended to end up. Oh I remember now—supposed to be doing Willis Huntley's mission. Failed that earlier, I avoid driving in games—don't like it, am bad at it, want to see the world but not a tree or rock at the business end of my nose—so bouncing an ATV across the hills thru the woods ended all too predictably.

Got the Wingsuit perk since tho, so I'll try that next—at least that should go where I intend when I steer. Altho I'll be damned if I know why I'm chasing a presidential pee tape—Willis with his none-too-subtle "The bed is wet" coded message didn't fool me for a second!
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New World, I don't think I've ever loved a game and hated it so much at the same time before. I love the gameplay and immersive world so much, but the lack of story and character building and tedious questing among other issues holds it back... Hopefully it will get a lot better in future, it is fun atm at least..
I've been playing New World a lot. The crafting system is awesome and it is a relaxing game. The game isn't for everyone, especially if endgame PvE is your thing. There are certainly problems. But it definitely scratches a certain itch for me. After finishing Days Gone I've also started Tales of Berseria on the side as well. It's pretty solid so far. I don't have much experience with the genre in general but no complaints so far.
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I've been a bit obsessed with God of War lately. It's really a fun game to play, but having to use Q to both Block/Parry AND use in conjunction with L & R mouse buttons for light and heavy attacks is often making it hard to react quick enough to unblockable attacks. Ideally, I would like to be able to bind block/parry to a thumb button, but leave the Q key for using with L & R mouse buttons for light and heavy attacks. That way it would be easier to move while blocking, and quicker to transition from blocking to dodging.

I REALLY hate it when developers lazily assign the same gamepad control design to keyboard when there's absolutely no need to. For now I have Block/Parry assigned to a mouse thumb button. It works great for blocking, but is very hard to get used to using it with L & R mouse buttons for for light and heavy attacks. Maybe I just need more time to adjust to it.
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Feb 5, 2022
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I'm playing Mindcraft right now. I started playing it because of my nephew. I think it's a great fun game and it's good for everyone. I will post some Mindcraft tricks that I learned from my nephew and some friends.
What is that like?

its an MMO ARPG, so its like Diablo and Warcraft had a baby with Black Desert Online lol. It has amazing combat like diablos (hack and slash) but there is a lot of MMO pitfalls in the game but, for me, doesnt take away from the game which is MASSIVE. It also did dethrone CS:GO for number 1, i havent seen any other game do that for a while if at any point.


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From what I've seen Lost Ark is from a Korean developer and has been in the making for about 10 years now. I think when they released yesterday the rush of players accidently DDoS'd Steam for a short time. If I didn't have two young kids I would give it a shot but don't think I have time for it. It's F2P so if you're interested it costs nothing to try out.
Currently I'm playing The Evil Within 2 on Nightmare. The game's not as bad as my first playthrough felt some time ago, which was on Survival I think. I've managed well so far on resources and health, having avoided all the tough enemies, while still braving a fair bit of scavenging. Stefano is next though, and I always hate the fight with him.
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