What game are you currently playing?

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OsaX Nymloth

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The Outer Worlds, having lots of fun with the writing and world. Shooting is ok I guess, will probably try a solo run at some point.

Multiplayer: Hunt: Showdown.
Getting constantly murdered by people with more than 2.0 KDA and 6 stars, but somehow game tells me I am 5 stars myself - which I totally don't agree with. Losing more than winning, but the gunfights are a thing of beauty. With the exception of getting random headshot from bushes from 100 metres away.
Days Gone. Quite enjoyable. Sure the motorcycle, durability, and refueling can be a little repetitive, but the story is fun and the game has decent atmosphere and music to it.
I've started to play the pixel remaster of Final Fantasy recently and I've been really enjoying it. I've never played any of the FF series before, nor have I ever played really any JRPGs more generally. I've been making an effort to try stuff from all sorts of genres and recently that has branched into JRPGs. So far Final Fantasy is great so I bought II and III to continue with the series in the future.
I've decided I need to try to finish The Medium. I started playing it about 7 months ago and just keep avoiding it, even though I think it's well done and enjoyed most of it. My reticence, I think, is the enemy. He's invisible, and I really hate invisible enemies. He's actually only killed me once, which was when I was running down this indistinct tunnel and didn't see where to turn, but the fact that he's there at all annoys me. I've got to be close to the end, though. I need to just suck it up and finish the thing so I can get it off my gaming to do list.
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So I finished the first Final Fantasy game and now I'm playing Final Fantasy III (both the pixel remaster versions). Why not II? Well, basically, it sucks. I played it for about 7 hours and it has major problems. The progression system is bad, the dungeons are bad, encounters are more annoying. Basically II is just worse in most ways relative to the first game. FFIII on the other hand has been enjoyable and has introduced the job system which is pretty cool. I am planning on playing the entire series, but the pixel remasters for IV, V, and VI do not have an announced date yet. Just says "2021" on Steam. I will get to them eventually nonetheless.
Aug 10, 2021
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super luckys tale on PC xbox game pass woud be the short answer.

long,over waffled answer-
my nieces are both amazing young ladies (8 and 10) ,i dont usualy ever get allowed to spend this much on their birthdays but because theyve gone through so much during covid19 and everyone in their family but my younger niece has one (which upsets her as she sees my sister and her own sister playing animal crossing together and feels left out) without telling her,ive bought for her birthday this month-a mint condition boxed second hand switch lite (from cex),a rare official animal crossing case and 3 new games (new super luckys tale, mario 3D + bowsers fury and animal crossing-new horizons) .

-i wanted to play super luckys tale to see exactly what ive bought my niece and make sure its not to young for her as looking back it does have quite a low PEGI rating, but i even i like it-reminds me a lot of spyro from the playstation 1 days.
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Aug 10, 2021
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going between several each day for the past couple of days- FORZA horizon 4 yet again, stardust-on steam, and a bit of doom64 on xbox gamepass, im not really heavily playing FPSs right now as im staying at my parents for respite for a few days and theres no great or sensitive place for my mouse to be on.
i think doom64 is going cheap at the moment on steam-if anyone else has ever had this,updated GPU driver and found doom64 erroring, try it on xbox gamepass- runs perfect for me on that platform.
speaking of 64 bit gaming.........
i honestly wish one of these legit PC platforms like steam woud sell FPS classic- goldeneye64,we are seeing so many of our oldest games being dolled up in a high definition costume and pakaged to both oldshool and new gamers alike, its one of my most favourite FPSs, especialy the snowy episode with orbitals 'the box' (part 2?) track over it, sets the atmosphere and adrenaline perfectly but ill shut up now as its got naff all to do with PC.
My job is crap right now. Working from home and nothing to do, so I'm trying to get some more gaming in before the busy season starts up again (September to November). I decided to give Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 a try since it was on sale (they just released a new one). It's pretty fun, but my first impression is that it's going to be a busy work slog after I've learned the ropes more. I've already fixed brake problems in 3 cars, for instance, and you hardly make any money. Progression seems a bit steep.
I'm currently having a go at the remastered Mass Effect trilogy, called the Legendary Edition. I just beat ME1 on Hardcore. Although it looks noticeably better than the original, I was reminded of it's flaws, too few main missions, too small battle areas, copy and paste identical building interiors, and AI that run around idiotically like headless chickens. It does have some pretty good main missions though, just a shame there's so few.

Last night I just started ME 2 Legendary, and wow does it look amazing. I don't recall if the original had tons of onscreen tutorial popups, which I see no way to disable, but that is one major nit pick. The mouse aiming ironically also seems harder to dial in than ME1. It tends to feel very twitchy compared to the first game, whether mouse "damping" is On or Off, which I assume means raw input.

On a side note, I'd forgotten how Shepard's face quickly gets ridiculously riddled with open wounds (what they call scars), if you so much as stray now and then from being 100% super polite in your responses. It just feels ridiculous, and I wish there was a way to disable that as well. This trilogy also has a Classic, or Legendary option (which I assume is new to LE), the former having 60 levels, while Legendary has 30. I chose Legendary because it feels a bit less grindy.

I've beaten all 3 games before on Insanity, except for the final battle against Shepard's clone in the Citadel DLC. It's been a while since I played them, and I want this play through to not just be challenging, but fun as well, which is why I chose Hardcore mode.


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