What components of a gaming PC are most important for modding games?

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Jul 29, 2022
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So I went with this build someone suggested on pc part picker

And as soon as I go to put the cpu in…it won’t go in
Not only that, I flip the cpu around to find…one pin…is bent
It almost feels like it’ll fit…
I dunno what to do- should I try to straighten that one pin? Buy a new cpu? A new motherboard? Has anyone else ever encountered this problem?
Sep 18, 2022
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Iv been building PCs and Modding games like Skyrim for a while if you want some help here is my discord : Flame_-#8224

The fact that you can't get your CPU to fit is a big problem you may have bought the wrong motherboard or your doing it wrong.

The CPU is the most fragile part of the PC and should be installed with the utmost care it's the easiest way for a new builder to break their PC other than that everything else is pretty durable give or take.

Now we come back to your situation ... you bent one of your CPU Pins

Here are your options:

1. ) you could try to install it and hope it's straight enough to get a connection but most likely it won't.

2.) if the pin is still attached to the CPU but is bent use a hairdryer and tweezer to bend it back (WATCH SOME TUTORIALS FIRST)

3.) get a new CPU.

Also please be careful not to bend any other pins. The CPU doesn't require you to push down while installing them this can cause damage. If it's done correctly it will fall into place.

Also, the above user is right please get a good 1440p or 4K Monitor but choose wisely some are a lot better than others.

I clicked on the forum to check it out and had to make an account to reply to this lol.

Verdict: you probably weren't ready for your first build yet.