What case should I get

Dec 29, 2023
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I want to get a case for my PC here is my build
CPU: Amd ryzen 7 77000x
Motherboard: Amd ryzen msi b650 mag tomahawk
Graphics card: nvidia ge force rtx 4070ti
RAM: corsair vengence DDRS 32 gb
SSD: Samsung 980 pro 1 terabyte m2
Power supply: msi mpg a8 50g 850 wat
CPU cooler: lian li galahood 240mm AIO
What do u guys suggest
Oct 5, 2023
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What a strong setup! You may want to consider the NZXT H510 or the Fractal Design Meshify C if you're looking for a neat and useful chassis. They both have a clean look that goes well with your powerful components and provide excellent cable management and airflow. Which style do you like, RGB extravaganza or minimalist?
Fractal don't even sell the Meshify C any more. I don't know if this is same size - https://www.fractal-design.com/products/cases/meshify/meshify-2-compact/black-tg-dark-tint/ as they have a few models now. If he chose a Fractal I would suggest light tinted TG as its really hard to see through dark and it changes the colours the rgb shows - white shows as grey. Bright green fans show as dull in photos - see below.

If op ever thinks they get a bigger GPU, that might be a consideration. I am glad I didn't get a Meshify C when I bought my PC as my new 7900XT wouldn't fit inside. It fits easily into a Meshify S2 though.
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