Question What are your best Bannerlord character builds?


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Are you playing Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord? If you're enjoying the game, what are your favorite character builds and why?

Different types of gamers focus on different play styles, so getting a broad spectrum of replies could really help someone find the right path.

We're excited to hear from you!
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Bought the game over the weekend, but haven't dived in just yet (finishing up a mega-structure heavy L-Cluster run in Stellaris that is dragging on), but I couldn't be more hyped to get my M&B fix.

I was deeply tempted to take a whack at the Merchant Lord build posted by The Spiffing Brit prior to the patch. Because it looked like hilarious fun. Major kudos to the game devs for patching the game with such fervor after the launch, as well.

Previous Mount & Blade clearly gave heavy advantage to anyone using polearms - I'm betting this will be the meta for Bannerlord, if not already yet established.


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