What are you favorite systems in games?

While talking about getting my girlfriends mad at each other in Fable 3 over on PCG it made me think about what types of systems in games provide the most fun for me and I've decided on my two favorite.

My first favorite are systems that allow for you to create chaos. Watching my soon to be ex-wives fight it out over my cheating ways in Fable 3 is incredibly entertaining. In the same vein I like games like Shadow or War that let me trigger environmental traps that summon creatures to attack the nearby orcs. Summoning caragors and graugs to an area and then triggering a couple spider and fly nests creates and incredible amount chaos that provides so much joy.

My second favorite game system is minions. I love having minions to do my dirty work for me. Whether it's the minions from Overlord (literally called minions) to my demon hunter's pets in Diablo 3 I love being in command of a small army to send for and obliterate my foes. My favorite are probably necromancers. I just started replaying A Plague Tale and can't wait to start controlling the rat swarms again.

So my favorites minions and the ability to create chaos. What are yours?


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Jan 13, 2020
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Something about hacking the computers and security systems, reading through emails and controlling cameras and miniguns, reprogramming the robots, in the original Deus Ex is just awesome. None of the other iterations seemed to implement it was well as the original, but it was still the highlight of the series, I think.

Some people hate them, but I've always enjoyed inventory systems where objects take up certain amounts of "tiles." This system is present in Deus Ex, DayZ, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., et al. Even when they end up becoming clunky and frustrating, it still scratches an itch I have when I play games like Fallout, where you just arbitrarily dump things in to your magic inventory system.


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Shooting arrows in Thief. In most games, arrows might as well be lasers. (Console controllers have a hard enough time hitting even then!) In Thief they drop as they fly - and they drop a bunch! It took some real practice to get the hang of it but, once I did, it was great! Kingdom Come: Deliverance did this well, too, but I wish more games would use it or at least let me select it as an option.

Travelling from mission to mission in City of Heroes. Well, flying was mighty dull, but the rest were fun stuff. Figuring out the fastest way to get from one place to another via your mode of travel was always a fun challenge between bashing on villains.

Some people hate them, but I've always enjoyed inventory systems where objects take up certain amounts of "tiles." This system is present in Deus Ex, DayZ, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., et al.
I used to like those, too, but somehow they lost their charm over the years - I'm not real sure why. Maybe they just got over used? I haven't tried one again in a long time now. All the games that do this now have an 'auto-sort' feature on them.
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My favorite mechanic are probaby crowd control spells. Nothing can beat this feeling when you incapacitate whole group of enemies. It's even better when you turn them to your side. It makes you feel very powerful. More entertaining than just blowing up enemies.
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Jan 26, 2020
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My favorite systems in MMO games are:
- building vehicles and things that you can later fight with other players
- things like flying, falling or swimming, not just going in 4 directions.
- unique gameplays
- upgrading characters and vehicles
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