Question Weird Windows 10 glitch

May 29, 2021
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I recently purchased a 2TB SSD, that we'll call "E". Previously, I had a 128GB SSD "C", and a 500GB SSD "D". I mirrored "C" to "D" so I could boot windows from "D" and replace "C" with "E". Everything works fine, but "C" still shows it's installed on my computer when it's not even plugged in. Really weird
The 2TB physical disk is now split between Drives C & E, that's why you still have C showing.

You want the 500GB to be Windows system disk. I suggest physically remove the 2TB and boot, assuming you did clone the old C: onto D: properly.

If drive letter still shows D:, change it to C:—Windows and program installs will be a lot more comfy if their drive is called C:

Now physically add the 2TB back in, and boot again—it should be assigned the drive letter D:

I think that's the setup you want, yeah?
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Just to chime in, it's a good idea to do a clean install of your OS as opposed to cloning the OS onto another disk/drive. During a clean install the OS allocates what it needs partition and basic driver wise as opposed to witnessing a glitch, more so the OS thinks there's something there but in reality it isn't or shouldn't be there.


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