Question New gaming pc stutter with Escape from Tarkov

Jan 2, 2022
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Hi everyone thanks very much for taking the time to look at my post I’m having an issue with 1 game specifically that game is escape from Tarkov, here’s the story below.

I Got a new PC about 5 weeks ago as my old system was 6 1/2 years old so got a new system custom built and specced for me and sent out. I proceeded to Install all my games and so on, all other games run fine with no issues at all. BF2042 max settings 1440p more than playabale and that’s supposedly badly optimised at the moment. Anyway back to escape from Tarkov.

So far I’ve Spent hours trying to fix it. Probably about 30hrs, I select the closest servers to me in the launcher and all with a ping of 60 and below, AI characters, and both player scavs and player pmcs jitter for me although not always this severe but it has made playing the game very difficult. Below is footage of how every raid runs for me


Attempted Fixes/things I’ve tried so far.

Multiple performance tweaks on YouTube/regedits with performance/stutter improvements in windows for escape from Tarkov and for windows 11 gaming in general.

Tested for packet loss 0% loss.

Tested connection directly to the server I was in during an online game 0 network issues, packet loss etc

Speed test consistently shows 550mbs download, 100mb upload, 16ms ping

Tried various different refresh rates in my screen from 60-165hz still the same.

Messed around with unlocking and capping the games frame rates and refresh rates.

Tried lowering the graphical settings and other settings just to see how it affected the game in terms of players/AI players. No change what do ever.

FPS is always above 90-140 .

Complete uninstall of Tarkov and the launcher, manually deleting all traces of the games folders left behind, and reinstalling.

Uninstalling GeForce experience.

Driver roll backs to previous nvidia drivers.

Changeing the Volume of the page file moving it to a different SSD and tried even disabling page files on windows.

Uninstalling unnecessary software like LED fan software, ram LED software, motherboard LED software

Tried a different network connection completely to rule out any fault with mines showed no change what so ever.

Tried using gaming software called exitlag which is meant to improve connection online for games made absolutely no difference.

Tried disabling hyper threading in bios.

XMP profile is enabled

Updated the BIOS

Tried disabling the 4 E cores on my cpu so that when specifically Tarkov was running it purely used the P cores.

New modem out the box.

Disabled windows firewall completely

Left my modem offline for 24hrs and re connected and powered up to hopefully get a fresh line.

The system shipped with windows 11 on it I reverted back to windows 10 purely for test purposes. No change so have now went back to windows 11.

madding escape from Tarkov and the launcher to be accepted by windows firewall.

Every other game works fine, it is just Tarkov, this was never ever an issue in the 2 1/2 years of playing Tarkov on my old system so how is it an issue now? Same network, same house, same net provider also and None of my friends have the issue either it is just me, I’m seriously leaning toward some sort of hardware issue/conflict but where? Is it even possible? And if so how do I figure out? My old is pc is sold that rules out testing that.

Pc specs are:
MSI gaming x trio RTX 3080
Intel i7 12700k
Gigabyte Z690 UD motherboard
NZXT Kraken X53
Crucial ballistix 3200mhz 32GB ram
2x crucial P2 1tb M.2 drives
Seasonic focus 850w 80 plus gold

I think I’ve covered everything I’ve tried to fix this issue but it no avail. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas please share them cause I will try them. Just gutted I’m sat here with such a high spec pc and the £140.00 version of Tarkov and this is how it plays for me :/ it’s my main game.

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Feb 9, 2022
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Alright.... I have the EXACT SAME issue as you and did pretty much the same test as you...! Tarkov is been my only game for the past 3 years so I know exactly how you feel...

I still have my old Threadripper 1950X beside my new comp and I don't have the issue... And have the same Nvidia card as in my new comp.

My setup :

Intel I7-12700
ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus WiFi D4 LGA 1700
CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin DDR4
Crucial P5 Plus 1TB
EVGA 2080 TI FTW 3

So at this point, I'm wondering if there is not something with the LGA 1700 processor that create that lag. There is nothing special otherwise than the processor.....
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Jan 2, 2022
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It’s strange I also come across a guy in Germany with the same issue yet he is all AMD hardware. I have been having this issue since mid December and last Friday the game played pretty much perfect for 5 hours solid. So if I do go back on in a day or two and it’s the same then it’s deffo server issues. With me no 2 raids are the same the severity of it is not consistent, sometimes it’s really bad sometimes it’s minor. Sometimes I have the two extremes in one raid it’s very odd.
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