Video Games are important to our well-being

Apr 4, 2020
Video games are important to our well-being.
With the new normal being a working environment away from others but many times still dealing with stressful challenges, video games provide a healthy outlet for escapism. I play catch and ride bikes with my son, but we communicate best over video games, especially problem-solving games (for example, "Biped") . They require logic, patience and an adequate vocabulary. My son has progressed academically and personally through the use of games.
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Jan 13, 2020
I absolutely agree. Whether you're feeling introverted and want to escape into a digital world by yourself, or you're feeling extroverted and want to jump into a big online lobby and chat with friends or strangers, video games are a great outlet during quarantine. I think games can be a wonderful way to foster creativity, curiosity, and problem solving skills.
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Jan 14, 2020
And despite some of us (myself including) not being 100% thrilled at all of the directions the hobby (and career for some) has taken over the years, there's no denying that its appeal has broadened to such a degree that, like Zoid ponted out, it can be beneficial to introverts, extroverts, and people in between. And it doesn't matter how young or old you are, as Grandma Shirley's Skyrim broadcasts can attest.

We're definitely preaching to the choir here, though.
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They're great distractors, too. I cough more when I haven't got much else to think about. Work can sometimes get intense enough to distract but any decent video game will work a lot better. They sometimes work even better than cough medicine for me!
Jul 13, 2020
Working from home I've never had less time to play games.
I know it sounds weird but it's just after I'm done with work (which I do on my personal computer) I'm kinda exhausted and would rather spend time with my family.
And in a matter of seconds it's already late and i'm off to bed xD
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Aug 23, 2020
Totally agree. I have so much more 'screen time' working from home. That the thought of playing games is waaaaaay down my list of things. Sucks really. Thought I'd save my hippo in Planet Zoo. Alas. Poor fella is still stuck.
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Nov 7, 2020
Defintely. it has been a tough time this year and video games have become my stress release ever since I was young but it has been amplified in 2020. I love video games and I owe my sanity to it tbh.

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