Triple 32" 4K monitor with g-sync... and good value :)

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Dec 21, 2022
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Hello everyone!

I am looking for a new triple 32 inch 4k monitor setup for my sim racing rig, and I could use some suggestions.

Here's what I am looking for:
  • 32 inch at 4k
  • Flat or curved, I am agnostic
  • As a RTX 4090 user, G-sync is obviously welcome.
  • Thin bezels as the 3 monitors will be stacked horizontally.
  • As mentioned, G-sync
  • 144 Hz refresh and under 8 ms lag
  • Finally... I am trying to hit the value sweet spot: I am not cheap, but I dont necessarily want to overspend by buying the top-end of the monitor spectrum. I really want to hit the 80/20 value-wise.
Any suggestions guys? Thanks!
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