Feature The PC Gamer Folding@home Team (Team 241865)

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Apr 8, 2020
We're in the top 200!

I'll be a happy PC gamer if we can hit rank 100. It's getting more competitive with each rank gained, so it'll take a while (and a LOT of computations), but this is for a good cause.

What we've already done is amazing, and I look forward to watching our team score rise ever further.
Feb 17, 2020
Best time ever to start folding

Topic's been quiet for a while, but check this:

Folding@home works best when people complete and return work units they are sent quickly - and the points it awards reflects that. The faster you return the unit, the more points you get.

My RTX 2060 has gone from just over 1.1m Points Per Day predicted to 1.7-1.8m PPD.

The GTX 670s I've got running have roughly doubled from ~100/110k PPD to 200-220k PPD

The GTX 970s also running this seem to have gone from ~350k-475k to 620k-660k PPD.

So, the quicker completion of workloads helps the project significantly, and for people who like the gamified elements (e.g. points) you can now get more than ever especially with nvidia GPUs.

No update to the driver or the FAH client appears necessary - mine just started using CUDA and I don't auto update.

Also, for those who were put off by FAH's scale, work is being pushed as part of specific 'sprints' which gives a better sense of immediate goals and progress. For the scientifically-minded, data's been made much more accessible:
with the ability to track and to submit molecules, as well as real time data on Sprint progress.

Was going to suggest PCG are overdue another article on FAH, but just saw: :)
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