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GTA Vice City Stories on the PSP - Got to say i liked this one a hell of a lot more then Liberty city stories. I very much prefer the sunny shores of vice city compared to the gloomy gray wet skyscrapers of liberty city. it also plays a lot better namely its mostly a set of flat islands and made getting around much much easier. liberty city itself is a hilly, geometric mess at the best of times.

Unsurprisingly Vice city stories is a massive step up from its predecessor, adding a lot of stuff (like boats/helicopters) and quality of life features. You don't drown instantly if you drive into the water (although stay in the water long enough you will) and you can swim. Secondly if you get busted/wasted you don't lose all your weapons. You get the chance to buy them all back and be on your way, plus weapons is relatively cheap. Additionally (something i haven't thoroughly tested) there are checkpoints in the missions. mess up part of the way in a mission and go back to the starting line it will ask if you want to start at a certain point in that mission rather then the beginning (if applicable). money isn't an issue thanks to the empire building mechanic automatically putting money into your wallet every day (no need to go collect it like in vice city!)

Speaking of the empire, feature this is probably the main new addition. Players attack a rivals site, clean it out, buy and set up shop and generate money. Play side missions to improve the quality of the business and unlock costumes. It can be a bit grindy at times as its more rinse repeat for all the sites. That said i think the aggression from the rival gangs is a bit on the high side, no sooner have you claimed a new site your rivals instantly attack back and usually i would like to save my game etc. Plus they can come in multiple waves and it gets annoying. My strategy? Head back to a save game point, save it, reload new save file and reset aggression so everything is back to normal. Repair damaged property and go back and trash another rival's site.

The story of VCS is also a lot better, you meet more interesting characters, vince vance is a much better protagonist and it fleshes out the vice city story much more significantly as more key pivotal characters in the original vice city games are introduced. Namely Lance himself. Whilst in the original game i had him as a sort of swave cool cat, in VCS he is a much much more incompetent, greedy and troublesome character. Additionally the story is much much more interesting, starts off vince as a law abiding citizen/soldier soon out of circumstance gets dragged deeper and deeper into the criminal underworld. That said, whilst the game does end with a bang, it couyld have been handled a lot better. The whole thing is wrapped up somewhat quickly which is a shame. As always the voice acting is top notch; surprising since its a PSP game.

that said some of the niggles from the previous game are here as well. Camera struggles with tight indoor interiors, special missions or side races etc aren't marked on the map (you better remember where to go to do them!). Unlike before i decided to go to gamefaqs and just grab the maps to all the stuff and just avoid the pain/tedium of finding it myself. Controls can be a bit awful especially doing drive bys and the auto aiming still locks onto dead bodies etc. There are some horrible missions to play, like the 3rd mission near the end trying to protect lance whilst on a bike and he just gets in the way of my gun fire whilst absorbing the enemies.

Audio wise can't fault it. Voice acting is good the radio stations are excellent with great work done by all. Killer soundtracks and trademark humor you expect in GTA are all there. Unsurprisingly i found myself flipping between flash fm, the wave 103, vrock and VCPR you can listen to them on youtube.

But would i recommend you play it now? If you have a psp/vita and still play that, then yes absolutely. If you're a die hard fan of the GTA series i would recommend it. Everyone else? unless you have an emulator and desperate to try you won't regret it, otherwise not essential to play.
I finally beat Doom Eternal.

Liked it quite a bit. The addition of the flame gun to replenish armor and Crucible sword to delete large enemies in one hit added another couple of layers to the combat compared to the first game. Maybe a bit too much to start with, as a scrub like me struggles to switch between weapons on the fly let alone manage everything else.

In the end it felt good when I actually managed to pull of using the correct tools against the right enemy while all the time managing levels of ammo, health and armor via, chainsaw, glory kills and flamer. On top of that when to use the Glory punch, BFG and Crucible sword for most effect. Then add in the Doom hunters and Marauders to the encounters it gets tough, but thats what made it most fun when things actually go roughly as intended. Took a while to get there though.

I struggled with some of the platforming and basic puzzles, mainly with figuring out where the hell I was supposed to go. Which was at times frustrating and I could have done without. I guess it was intended as a change of pace, but for me it slowed things down a bit too much for this kind of game.

Have to mention on a fairly middling rig (Ryzen 5800X3D and Radeon 5700XT) I played it on Ultra at 1440p 144 hz and it never dipped below that I noticed. Game looks pretty good still too.

8/10 I might even play it again.

I also finished Uncharted 4 :A Thiefs End.

It was alright, the shooting feels exactly as I remember the first 2 games, moving from cover to cover and popping head shots off, its fine.

Set pieces are the highlight and keep you on the edge of the seat at times. QTE heavy as always, if you miss a button prompt or jump more than a couple of times it becomes frustrating, but if you muddle through first time they do really get the adrenaline going.

Never played the third game, but watched a primer and far as I can tell didnt miss much for the story. Basic action movie stuff. Looking forward to the future grimdark sequels where Nate comes to terms with the thousands of mercenaries and henchmen he's murdered and mutilated on his way to find treasures. I'm not too bothered about jumping into the other game that came as part of the package straight away. Graphics were alright, some nice scenery but nothing special in 2023, especially character models are a bit old looking. 80FPSish all on ultra with FSR2.0 Quality on.

6/10 I'd rather have played TLOU2
I was like that too once. Then I ditched the controller, and now I finish in days or weeks!



Actually, for a different reason, I was thinking through all the games I played last year. I actually finished quite a few games last year, compared to a lot of years before that.
So i just finished the game Cultic: Chapter One on its "extreme" difficulty.

If you even remotely like Duke Nukem, Doom, old Shadow Warrior, Blood etc. and even newer retro games like this like Ion Fury, you must SURELY get this one! Hands down one of the best new boomer shooter retro games to have come out.

It ticks everything and then more in this genre of a game. Its only 10 bucks and it is 100% worth it.

There is a demo you can try out and the game was mostly created by 1 guy. So kudos to him.
@DXCHASE Tried out the demo and it was not too shabby. I really loved the homage to Blood at the start of the game, not to mention all the monks running around and the ability to use both a lighter & TNT. Loved the ability to slide on the ground instead of walking. Much faster, though the maneuverability was not easy at cramp places, and at times sliding would bug up the weapon UI. The ability to throw stuff and also interact with certain items was a nice touch. I forgot to kick heads around, but I am sure that was also a possibility in the game. The level design was also quite decent. Enemies shooting each other was hilarious and I found it to be an efficient way to save some ammo by kiting them in a small line. The dynamite guys really don't care about where they throw the TNT.

What I did not like was the graphics. Felt a bit disorienting at the start and I had a hard time finding secrets because of it. The accuracy of enemies was a bit too ridiculous at long ranges and it was unfortunate that you could not use the luger to snipe them, but I respect the design choice. Enemies dipping up and down in the water and shooting at you was annoying. Hopefully avoided in the full game as it made no sense.
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May 1, 2020
I finished STALKER Clear Sky a few weeks ago. The day before starting Clear Sky I had finished STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. Pretty good games and I am going to continue with playing STALKER Call of Pripyat nearing the release of STALKER 2.
Since nobody cares for Match 3—poor me—I'll keep this short :p

Jewel Match - Snowscapes
90% rating in Limited Moves mode
100 levels, each 3-4 boards
Tactically interesting
Music soporific
Graphics smooth & impressive
Some screens bigger than H 1080
Good QoL Options
Best Match 3 I've played

I noticed I've played 2 others in the series at some point, so I'll add their notes here:

Jewel Match: Royale CE
80% rating
160 levels, each 3-4 boards
Tactically interesting
Music soporific
Graphics smooth & impressive
Many bonus Mahjongg, bad
Very enjoyable

Jewel Match: Royale 2 SE
Almost same as Royale 1
120 levels, extra Crystal Room

'SE' means Standard Edition, 'CE' = Collector's Edition.
I'm not quite done with it, but i've pretty much beaten it: This time its Yakuza Kiwami 2

Clocking in just shy of 97 hours, i have to say i enjoyed this one a lot. The game is fun and it has a good balance of serious, funny and ott that makes it both daft yet awesome at the same time. Like fighting ninjas/samurais in a gold Osaka castle or punching a tiger in the face.

But lets address the elephant in the room: The gameplay or more specifically the Combat mechanics. I must stress for the most part its functional and satisfying, but it could be better. It does at times feels clunky and scrappy at times as enemies can dodge, weave around you and smack you from behind and this is not more apparent when fighting the bosses themselves. Bosses with guns are even worse. Part of the problem is that the lock on feature doesn't really work and instead just locks you in a direction as opposed to a target. if the mechanics was like assassins creed/arkham Asylum i think it would have played much much better. That said, i might play it a bit with keyboard and mouse and see how that's like and whether its me just being half-arsed. You can off set the limitations by upgrading and getting various skills (like being able to spring back to action after being knocked down instead of bouncing around like a rag doll), but still it does feel a bit clunky to play. of course, you could just whip out a weapon and go to town as few people have any defense against it. Once you find the indestructible weapons and fully upgraded, the game is officially over.

The other problem with the combat is that the game doesn't have a move list of any kind so i can't see what button presses work, combo lists etc. Hell, i still don't know how to get behind someone after i grabbed them! It seems to I'm just rinse and repeating the same combo till i win and that's a bit of a shame.

But if the game wasn't entertaining, i wouldn't have spent 97 hours over 3 months playing it. i did have fun bashing the low level goons and exploring the 2 city districts and the various side activities. Besides the usual gambling, mini games (like golf, baseball, darts), to its credit, they've managed to add 2 arcade games! There are some main activities i want to discuss:

The first that i played obsessively was the Cabaret club management quest. Apart from being an easy money earner, the management side of things was what clinched it for me. I can't quite explain it, but it was like XCOM, I enjoyed hiring new girls, picking the relevant staff for work to maximize profits. To top if off there is even a pretty comprehensive customization for the 6 key ladies from make up, clothes and accessories. To top it off there are a couple side stories with the ladies at certain points on progression. That said, it can be a bit of a grind and honestly the only strategy to winning is bringing in a maxed lvl of all your best girls (especially those with a high party stat) and activate fever time at the right time.

The other main game is the clan creator game. Honestly i found it deeply disappointing. its very basic defender game. The problem is that the AI isn't very good, frequently i find them just running towards the enemy or just ignoring the enemy sometimes. Hell, on some occasions i found them stuck on each other or defenders not defending an area (perhaps a ring or sphere of influence or some behavior mechanics would be good). Playing it with a joypad and its very clunky to boot. The second problem is the amount of time to invest in the game as upgrading takes time. There are several means of recruitment like hiring the defeated street bosses or defeated opponents in the coliseum , but you still require some grinding to get them to a top level. But thankfully, once you have a top team you rarely need to switch members around.

The bouncer missions are a whole load of straight up fights and is a good way to make money/powerful gear/points and satisfies that violent itch. For the most part the fights are a cake walk, but the last 9 set dealing with the Amon brothers are where things get really challenging and its at this point i haven't beaten the last 2 legendary difficulty ones. mainly because the boss is a gun welding smg user and i'm struggling to beat it. It verges on unfair, as they hit hard, are quick and immune to heat actions you use twice.

Substories are your secondary quests. For the most part they are simple enough and some of them are quite amusing encounters that are well worth going through as many as you can. The only problem is that some of them are obnoxiously difficult or tough. In my case, beating a golf course that's a nightmare to play and the need to play mahjong . The last one is where i crash and burn. never played a game in my life and i can't get my head around the game.

Lastly as side game of sorts, there is a 2 chapter story campaign with majima. Its quick and simple and feels like DLC as it adds very little to the main game other then explains how Majima was working in a construction company etc. But thoughtful of them to provide it all the same.

Speaking of DLC, there is only one piece of DLC (which was all the DLC combined into one). All of it is completely optional as its basically additional unique characters for the clan creator (which i found disappointing and you can get decent members without them) , 2 unique cabaret ladies (beat it without them as in truth the key ones are the diamond models and one or 2 gold ones to round off the team) and some suits.

i could go on, but lets wrap it up, would i recommend it? Absolutely. For the price it goes for on sales its a huge amount of bang for your buck for under a £10-£5.


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The other problem with the combat is that the game doesn't have a move list of any kind so i can't see what button presses work, combo lists etc. Hell, i still don't know how to get behind someone after i grabbed them!
I thought each upgrade you get explains the move?

The first that i played obsessively was the Cabaret club management quest.
Yeah, that was pretty good. I didn't finish that part, but it was a good change of pace. 1 2 3 4Shine!

The other main game is the clan creator game.
I played that once or twice and I was done. I did some bouncer missions were better.

The only problem is that some of them are obnoxiously difficult or tough. In my case, beating a golf course that's a nightmare to play and the need to play mahjong . The last one is where i crash and burn. never played a game in my life and i can't get my head around the game.
Yeah, REAL mahjong, not that little memory game that used mahjong tiles we kept seeing back in the 80's and 90's.

i could go on, but lets wrap it up, would i recommend it? Absolutely. For the price it goes for on sales its a huge amount of bang for your buck for under a £10-£5.
Speaking of bang... Majima doing a bomb defusal was awesome. He was a lot better in this game than in Kiwami 1, IMHO.

P.S. You haven't finished the game until you've beaten at least one enemy with the giant traffic cone.

P.P.S. Lower your expectations for 3.
I finished a playthrough of Dead Space (2023) this morning. Did all side quests, explored most of the game except a few security doors I didnt back track to after getting master access. Took me 17 hours apparently. Its very good.

Gameplay wise its the best version of that game. I'm not much of one for playing survivor horror games alone, but for some reason the series really caught me. Maybe because there isn't half as much ammo management or inventory tetris as an early Resident Evil. Even if you run low on ammo just Kinesis up a sharp object and throw it, a necromorph limb will do. The normal combat is great fun, and the subtle differences in enemies keeps normal encounters engaging until the end.

The new content was added in a way that felt natural, I havent finished the original in a long long time, so its hard for me to remember what the differences were exactly to level design in the late game. This just all felt like a natural extension of the original.

Weapons and upgrades have been rejiggered, I used Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, Contact Beam and Flamer and all were useful, which wasnt the case in my experience with the original.

They also added an 'AI Director' which in practice means if you are backtracking through previously explored areas the game can throw random encounters at you. Can be more enemies, or could be just the lights flicking on and off or a vent exploding. Nice addition.

Bigger enemy encounters are a bit of a let down in some ways. Stasis makes Brutes and the Hunter trivial, and late game encounters were at times more of a case of applying Stasis, and wandering around looking at the ceiling to figure out what to do to get the doors open. Might have been more tense if I wasnt carrying around several Stasis packs at all times. There isnt any real need to used them in normal encounters on medium difficulty.

The set piece boss fights were alright but also where the bones of the game shows its age the most. Isaac is not the most mobile protaganist and his movement is a little awkward. I felt like I wanted to roll or dodge out of the way of giant tentacles and the like, the way Isaac just shift moves to jet or run-strafe to avoid doesnt feel like you're in a lot of control. Not too annoying because you could get away like that fine, it just feels a bit older in those sections. It was the best it could have been considering everything

The story is still decent and well done, but I'm not sure if the additions to the lore taken from later games in the series made it better or just more hokey. I liked the story much more when I played the first game than I did after they started to explain it more in later ones.


Its Dead Space but better for 2023. Good remake.
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I thought each upgrade you get explains the move?

yes and no. unfortunately the game does seem to be missing some info. case in point how to move behind someone once you've grabbed them. i've done it once or twice and the other option is to use the grab them when they have your back turned. Most of the time i just said screw it, i'll just do the other heat special attack. Its not just that they didn't even give proper move lists for virtual fighter 2 or virtual-on arcade machines so didn't know the finer points of them as well.

I played that once or twice and I was done. I did some bouncer missions were better.

yeah the bouncer missions were a lot of fun and mixed bunch of interesting scenarios. My fav is probably when you have to fight a bunch of sex starved perverts that have decided to cause trouble after being booted out and have begun dressing up as ninjas and samurai and its up to you to clear them away. the other one is clearing a bunch of kids dressing up as ninjas at the batting range.

Yeah, REAL mahjong, not that little memory game that used mahjong tiles we kept seeing back in the 80's and 90's.

Funny thing is that i own a mahjong set in real life, just never got around to playing it nor learning to play it. Apparently its the Japanese rules for mahjong (whatever the hell that means) and just reading the yakuza fandom page was like trying to study at school. I might try and play it but most of the traditional japanese games i avoided. Which is a shame as I appreciate being able to play/experience traditional games from other cultures. Just don't have time to learn when i have to bash baddies.

Playing poker was just torture to me and i had to beat it to complete Haruka's final challenge . It took me nearly an hour of patiently playing the slow game and cheating my balls off with the few joker cards. Come to think of it, yakuza 2 reminded me how much of a mugs game gambling really is as the odds of winning were so low. To ease the pain i just played in the highest betting tables winning one or 2 games and crossing it off.

P.S. You haven't finished the game until you've beaten at least one enemy with the giant traffic cone.

Agreed. The traffic cone/ Soda can/ beer bottle special is both satisfying and damn powerful to boot. One of my personal favs as well.

P.P.S. Lower your expectations for 3

Will do. The current concern is that all the games are set in the same location and i'm pretty sure the novellty will disappear very quickly.
Well, just a quick update, i finished the standalone DLC of Shadow tactics: blades of the shogun - Aiko's choice. Set around 2/3 of the way into the game. just before the swamp/forest where you kill kaga-sama, Aiko's old sensei makes a surprise visit to the blades of the shogun and sets them on a detour to eliminate another of his conspirators.

Whilst i enjoyed the small slice of content, the best way to describe it would be ; absolute rip off for the full £16.99. All you get are 6 chapters. 3 of them you could classify as full maps like the main game, the fourth is set in one of the maps of the main game (and that's just a quarter of the map), the other is a tutorial map is set on a galleon ship and the final one is an epilogue story map.

i took my time and clocked in 8 hours, so its not that long on normal and i wasn't going to play it again after one play through. So is it worth a play? yes, but only when its on a seriously knocked down price. You do see this game like for £3 so i guess its worth it.
May 11, 2022
Since the Christmas break I've done Half-Life 1 and 2 which I hadn't played since they came out basically. Both on hard and the playthoughs took me 30 hours each. These games are long and consistently awesome throughout. Even the levels that are generally unpopular are high quality affairs and finely crafted. Sure rail and boat levels are long but you can tell they're well made and still decently paced.

Then Max Payne 1 and 2. Also both of them on hard (had to edit some registry keys to unlock, and Max Payne 1 required the Fix It All mod to make it playable and fix the audio).

Max Payne 2 I had never played. It was pretty good, the havok physics do add something nice to the set pieces but overall it was much easier and much shorter. The first game is BRUTAL in some places but restarts are quick so it keeps the excitement going. Max Payne 2 has some frustrating parts like the Sniper overwatch section playing Mona but the bullet time recharge and combos add up to a point where it's not really a gamified representation of great reflexes, but just a legit superpower especially with instant reloads.

I liked the bullet time management more in the first, but I think the second game's bullet time with its two different speeds depending on your kills is a better idea. It's just completely ridiculous that you move at pretty much normal speed and reload instantly.

I missed Sam Lake's scowl in Max Payne 2. I just like he first game's vibe a little better because even though it's occasionally stupid hard, I felt like it didn't take itself as seriously as 2 and fully embraced the campy noir setting.

Max Payne 1 took 20 hours, the sequel half of that.

Started Heroes of Might and Magic 5 last week. Had played 3 a few years ago and was in the mood for some fireballs.


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