The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The amulet of chaos, PCG hasn't talked about it?

Sep 21, 2020
What gives PCG, so many games i've heard about through you but i've not seen a thing about this one, so i figured i would give you a heads up on something you should be playing!

Has anyone seen this game? Talk about a hidden gem. It has an old school Dnd Feel, but all the modern bonuses of a game from 2020. It can use a little bug fixing, but what RPG doesn't at launch. But so far in 20+ hours i haven't had any game breakers, more just a few items that didn't give a bonus. The characters are just fun, even if they are classic tropes, but with a little twist.

I really haven't enjoyed an RPG this much in a long time. It's refreshing to have a game where the goal is not to save the world. Just an average joe trying to make it in the world.

Btw, this comes on the heals of just finishing another great VN/RPG, a game called Loren of the Amazon. I found it by chance and grabbed it on a sale while back. I was hoping for a decent little VN, but i got a lot more. The combat is more like a card game with just clicks on your portraits, but still it is fairly compelling with strats of how to build a character, level them, and items ect.

But boy, 2 great games i found by chance this summer, makes me wonder how many more hidden gems i need to find.

If you have any other RPG's i should try that are not so well known, please post!
Jun 26, 2020
I've had my eye on this one, I'm just not sure how invested in a parody RPG I could get, and I read it's a bit linear. I might snag it on a sale or something.


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If you have any other RPG's i should try that are not so well known, please post!
I've mentioned it a lot of times but...
It's also got the XCOM'ish battle system but it's put on top of a JRPG (actually, Korean RPG) game. Worked out really well!
At any rate for those waiting for them to squash bugs, it seams like they have been fairly well crushed.
Now you're talking my language! Put it on the wish-list.
Jan 13, 2020
I'm digging the new updates--being able to randomise the RNG every load is a godsend. I wonder why they designed the system with a fixed RNG in the first place--would love to learn more about their game logic.

The only thing a little bit frustrating is the endless wandering to find the subquest elements at times. It's a first world problem, but when the game is mostly (at least so far) a series of tactics lightly glued together by fetch it quests, I wish they'd spell out the fetch it paths a little bit more.

But it's quite fun! And now that I'm done with Dragon Quest 11, whole other post worthy, am looking for something else to dive into.
Jan 13, 2020
That makes sense--although it does seem to introduce other perplexing issues if you don't know your battle order... it seems like you could save-scumm either way, just change the tactics of save-scumming. I think I read somewhere that there are interesting adjustments designers make to RNG so that humans think it makes more sense, like if it's 95% odds, then just round it to 100%, etc.