The Division 2

I wasn't sure if to stick this in the shooter section or the RPG section but is there any active players that can advise what current state Div 2 is in? Me and a couple of friends really enjoyed Div 1 on the Xbox, Div 2 didn't feel as enjoyable but now I'm on PC I was thinking of picking it up again.
Has anything majorly changed since it's release?
Disclaimer, i didn't play it during initial realse.

As far as i'm aware they have made some changes to the loot system to make it more generous and crafting has been much improved and not as horrible. But its been ages since i played Div1 - Div2. Tbh the game goes for peanuts these days (div 2 main game goes as little as a fiver and the warlords edition is around 14 all in)

my thoughts on the game? despite being superior to the first game (plays better, more functions, more to see and do etc) i can't help but prefer the first game instead. I think its the environment and the story made more sense compared to Div2 which something felt off for some reason.
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