The Currently Playing & Random Game Thoughts Thread (April 24 to April 30)

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Tons of sales on Steam this week, especially for JRPGs (some sort of 'golden week' - whatever that is)
  • Square Enix has a sale going on until May 11
  • KOEI/Tecmo has a sale going on until May 9
  • Capcom until May 11
  • Just about everything Star Wars (because May the 4th) (Not including LEGO Skywalker Saga)
  • Cyberpunk and Witcher games... just cuz, for another 45 hours
  • Bandai Namco until May 9 (not including Elden Ring)
  • And Kerbal Space Program, because it's practically Star Wars, right? ;)
I got bored and deleted a train bridge in Farming Simulator 22 then waited for the ensuing mayhem, but the train completely ignored the fact that the bridge was gone and crossed the chasm with no problem.
reminds me of a game I have seen where boats would sail through land to reach ports, I can't remember which game it was. Maybe Tropico?
Or mini motorways when you delete a road but a car still has to retrace its old route to get home. But that is more by design.
Been playing Stardew Valley with my daughter again. She's now navigating through her inventory all by herself. She bought a bigger backpack yesterday which requires you to switch between two different hotbars to see all your items and that wasn't a problem either.

It's fun to see how fast she picks some stuff up and interesting to see how difficult some concepts still are.