The currently playing and random game thoughts thread (Jan 2 to Jan 8)

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More Cyberpunk in this morning and last night. Surprised how much I'm still enjoying it. Game still feels a bit sketchy, NPC's sometimes repeat and glitch in and out of existence. Had to reload one checkpoint because I fired a new rifle to test it out and an NPC decided to duck down in a door and cower. They wouldn't move no matter how much I pistol whipped them. Other than that the soundtrack is really good, and I like the style even, if its a bit 80's future view with extra dildos. Maybe I'm just hanging around the red light district too much.

Crusader Kings 3 is my current idle game, decided to move on the the medium prefab starts after a long break and try role playing the leader to their skills and focus on breeding rather than just map painting an empire. Only just started re learning the finer points of mechanics but looking forward to figuring out more.

Finally started Hollow Knight again on the Switch because my daughter saw it and requested 'we' play it. Very happy to oblige.
Wordle 202 5/6

Did you get the mod that removes the fog so you can see properly? That fog really drove me nuts back in the day.
I got a chuckle because I was reading through quickly and didn't see right off who Zloth was responding to. Imagine if he was responding to the post right above his. :D
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