Suggestions for the best graphics card for ryzen 7 3700X?

I dont think those picks are very good tbh. a 3070 will run you more than 500, and the other cards are older so we are talking second hand. Whatever anyone says about old mining cards being OK, once the VRAM starts to artifact the card is screwed, and VRAM is used hard by mining 24/7.

Up to 500 I'd be considering between these two if I had to buy right now.

The 6700XT is faster in most cases, but the 3060Ti has better Ray Tracing performance if that is what really matters to you. The 12 GB VRAM on the AMD side vs 8GB on Nvidia may help with longevity as well.

Theres a much cheaper 3060TI Zotac Twin Edge but the cooler isnt very good, loud and not as effective as other options.

Closer to 300 I'd be looking at an AMD 6600XT, Nvidia options down there are not good price/performance.

Hope that helps :)
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