Question Suggest me a horror game?

Feb 9, 2022
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Depends on what your taste is, but I would say one of the best horror experiences you can get is Alien: Isolation. Even at nearly a decade old, it's one of the most terrifying games I've ever played and I don't scare easily. The Alien learns from your patterns and movements so you're never safe. There's a palpade dread that runs through the entire game. The story is pretty great too and there's some great easter eggs and callbacks to the series as a whole.

Other recommendations would be the Resident Evil 2 remake, The Evil Within, Control, and The Dark Pictures Anthology series.

I'm a huge horror nerd so I'll try anything once and usually find something to enjoy in all horror titles. As comes with any recommendations, your mileage may vary.
Other recommendations would be the Resident Evil 2 remake, The Evil Within, Control, and The Dark Pictures Anthology series.

I wouldn't call Control horror. Based on the fact I played the whole thing through, and I cant do that with horror games alone normally. Agree Alien Isolation was really good though, but I havent finished it for the same reason. I have 0 problem with horror movies, I can watch anything and go to sleep like a baby straight after so its weird.

The only vaguely recent one I can recommend to OP is Soma, but then again I played through it so it cant be that scary. Interesting ideas in the story though.
Apr 26, 2022
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try phasmophobia a 4 player online co-op psychological horror. Paranormal activity is on the rise and it’s up to you and your team to use all the ghost hunting equipment at your disposal in order to gather as much evidence as you can.
Mar 30, 2022
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Which one is the best game for MAC pc anyone can give me suggestion so that i can install game into my pc.
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I'd say go for Outlast or Alien: Isolation if you're looking to play some horror games on a Mac. They never get old.
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God there's a few out there. For my pick, just cause I love scifi stuff, I would choose the Dead Space series. Dead Island 1 and 2 are good and so is Dying Light, but my god I love Dead Space.
Jun 2, 2023
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"Alternate Watch" is a fictional horror game that takes players on a chilling and suspenseful journey through a mysterious and terrifying alternate dimension. In this game, you assume the role of a paranormal investigator who discovers an ancient artifact called the "Watcher's Amulet." The amulet has the power to open a portal to the alternate dimension, a twisted and nightmarish version of our own world.

As you delve deeper into this eerie realm, you encounter a multitude of supernatural beings, disturbing environments, and mind-bending puzzles. The game emphasizes atmospheric horror, psychological tension, and exploration. The goal is to uncover the truth behind the alternate dimension and find a way to close the portal before it unleashes unspeakable horrors upon the real world.
In the horror category, some of my faves are the Dead Space series, the Dying Light series, the Dead Island series, the F.E.A.R. series, the Metro series, The Evil Within, and Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 4, 7, and Village.

More recently I played Days Gone, and it has now become one of my fave horror games of all time.

As honorable mentions, the A Plague Tale series and Alan Wake 1 are classified as action adventure, but also have the feel of survival horror. The upcoming title Alan Wake 2 is also going to be Remedy's first release in the survival horror genre.

Though the Doom series is considered First Person Shooter genre, Doom 3 doubles as a survival horror title and is one of my faves in the series.
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