PCG Article Starfield's upcoming "Deep-Dive Showcase" after the Xbox/Bethesda Livestream

Starfield is getting a 'deep dive' showcase, but not until after this month's Xbox/Bethesda livestream | PC Gamer

Good news, or bad news? Ever the optimist, I see it as good news, as Microsoft/Bethesda is dedicating a showcase solely for Starfield. This game is a huge endeavor and new IP for Bethesda, so I'm glad that they're dedicating the time to showcase it alone. I expect, or at least hope, to see a lot of actual gameplay footage as well as a release date. I'm still hopeful for a March release, but I know a game of this complexity takes time to develop and test, so I can understand if they need more time and release it later. Your thoughts?
From the bits of news I've seen, the development of the game is progressing pretty well. Even if they pushed the reveal back a bit because it wasn't ready for the livestream, that only shows to me they're serious about making sure the game is decently polished. I don't mind waiting longer if they need more time for that. I'll probably wait for several weeks after it's launched to buy it anyway just to be sure I don't get a buggy mess. Though my wife might think differently about that...


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I'm counting that the final release date will be showed during this live stream. It'll be a huge disappointment if they won't precise it. I don't expect the game to be released in March. In fact we'll be very lucky if it's published in the first half of the year. Anyway, I'm fighting with myself whether to buy it on the release date. Bethesda games tend to have a lot of bugs on the premiere. Probably it's going to be a good idea to wait until they patch the game a little and drop the price by the way.
I'm all for them not giving a precise date. When they get it all set up and ready to go in Steam (and whatever the consoles use), THEN announce it will release in about an hour. Marketing can drop their big trailer, and off we go.

Unfortunately, ye'olde brick & mortar stores can't possibly work that way.
Do brick & mortar stores still sell games like that? Oh, palm face. I guess they do for consoles, right? Duh. Even on consoles, I'm so used to buying all games digitally. I'll be playing this on Game Pass, though. I'm hoping it's a Play Anywhere game, because I'll probably be switching from Xbox to PC before I'm done with the game. I'm sure it will be, since it's owned by MS.


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