Squirrelz goz Nutz

Aug 10, 2021
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ive seen this one before we both must get the same algorithms on youtube somehow.

my dad has made what coud be classed as a squirrel maze in his garden- he is a huge bird geek (ie twitcher i think theyre called) so hes built loads of contraptions around his huge bird feeding stations to stop the squirrels getting at them (and also his cat,and the neighbour hood cats) .
the squirrels keep outsmarting him though and my sister bought him a funny book on how to get rid of squirrels off amazon for christmas, i dont think it meant for real-she woudnt have bought it him otherwise.
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I have recently been feeding pigeons because of how smart they are. If my calculations are correct, the next time I am out on town drinking and partying and wanting to buy a kebab, the local pigeons will remember me as the nice guy and not steal it from me🧐
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