Some Highlights of My Recent Playthroughs of Various Games

Doom 2016 on Nightmare

Advanced Research Complex - Access the Lazarus Elevator

This is a fairly tough battle with everything from Imps to an Arch-vile, and throws two Barons of Hell at you at the end. I like to save the Quad Damage powerup for the end.

Lazarus Labs - Access the Helix Stone

This fight is not quite as tough, but can get out of hand since it has Hell Knights and Mancubuses, and also takes place in tighter spaces than the previous one. I find it's best to hang back and use the portals when necessary.

Dying Light 2 on Hard

Military Airdrops - Skull

These are some of the Military Airdrops I managed to do that were skull rated due to not having much stamina.

Nightrunner's Hideout with Military Airdrop

One of the trickier Nightrunner's Hideouts to get to that's high on a destroyed raised freeway. It also has a Military Airdrop near it.

Something Big Has Been Here Parts 1,2

This is the first two parts of a mission early in the game to kill Goons. I was experimenting with efficient ways to do it since I lacked resources.

Carnage Hall - Running Up That Tower

This is a parkour obstacle course that has some monsters (mostly Exploders) in the way.

Treasure Hunt - Like The Wind (Gold)

These are 2 of a 3 part challenge where you need to get all 3 at Gold status in order to be able to get training from a Master at Carnage Hall. I know I got all 3 because I remember fighting the Master, but something must have gone wrong capturing the 3rd challenge, which is a crossbow battle called Between Two Fires.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on Uber

U-Boat - Locate the Radio Room

This is a very hard fight just after dropping down from a vent where you're about to approach the Radio Room. It requires some quick thinking on your feet, careful cover, and keeping your head on a swivel.

Return to London Nautica

An even tougher fight that happens after you crash land the space shuttle from Venus, which usually scares me into staying at the entry point of the room due to very limited ammo.

London Monitor Fight

This is a fairly easy fight once you know the rinse and repeat procedure, but took longer than it should have the first couple minutes due to not having played the game in a long time and forgetting the process of stunning it's eye when it's charging up to fire.

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus on I Am Death Incarnate

Penthouse Fight

Another fairly tough fight where I like to pick a fairly defensible spot, duck in and out of cover, and keep my head a swivelin'.

Überkommandant Friedrich Baumgartner​

One of the tougher Überkommandants to dispatch. Truth be told the only hard part if you're careful with the stealth, is the final approach to take him out.

Wolfenstein Youngblood on Challenging

Steigturm - Final Battle

I experimented a bit haphazardly here, as it had ben a long while since playing it and I forgot the tower elevators only work one way and that their upper level is NOT a safe place to do the final phase of the battle from. That said, I DID find a bit quicker way to dispatch Lothar in the 2nd phase by circling around a tower vs the smaller structure in the center.

Far Cry 6 on Guerilla

McKay Global Acid Plant

I decided to take a stealthy wingsuit approach to utilize a very handy vantage point.

The Battle of Eseranza

One of my speedier runs of this mission after I got to know it well, but as you can see by the vid's thumbnail, I pushed the pace a bit too much at one point.

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very handy vantage point
Hah, great landing! I never even considered that, assumed smoke stack would be open inside—ie no grate over top.

I'm dipping in and out of a Guerilla run also at the moment—but with HUD! I took McKay mostly by going along the big pipes—but couldn't manage 'undetected' :(

I wish they brought back the FC4 Outpost Master thing, where you could have another go at capturing a base if you wanted to improve or try a diff approach.


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