Question some help with computer temperatures?

Dec 16, 2021
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i'm not really used to dealing with this kind of thing, but i was wondering- just how COLD is too cold for a computer?
for context- i live in nevada, and it's gotten pretty cold (at least by my standards) over here right now. my desk- alongside my omen gaming laptop- is in what we call the "stuff room", lmao; a refurbished garage that's pretty much a big hobby room. the only problem is, it... doesn't have insulation. it's dipped below freezing lately (30 degrees fahrenheit was our low today) and i'm not sure whether or not to move my computer when i'm out for the day. i've been told it'll be fine, but i just wanted to make sure.

any help is greatly appreciated!!!
As my colleague above has stated, your primary concern should be condensation which is hard to achieve unless you're doing Peltier/TEC cooling. (High)Humidity can and will cause some issues with your platform as the PCB is a porous material(making a mess of things with PCB traces).