Please help. Computer Crashing issue

May 21, 2023
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Hi All,

I'm new here and i've joined to try and get some help with a PC I built for my nephew that keeps crashing. I also have an interest in the forum too.
I'm kind of at my wits nd with this.

Just a little background information. apologies for the long post I just anted to make sure everything is covered.

I am 35 years old. been building PC's for about 15 years. never a problem I couldn't fix. I'm self taught from the days of pentium 4 through core 2 duo and quad and 1st through to 4th gen intel I series and now recently 2 10th gen Intel builds and my own ryzen 5600x build. I have configured Raid hard drives, and done some overclocking too.

So what I'm trying to say is I'm not new to this but I 100% don't claim to know anywhere near as much as some people or most people here.

set up is as follows;

MSI Z690-P
32GB 3200mhz kit of 2. RAM XMP enabled
intel I5 12600K
corsair H100i AIO cooler
RTX 4080 non overclocked version
M.2 nvme4 SSD
3 other hard drives for various storage (from old computer)
Corsair 850W gold PSU
Had windows 10 MBR (issue occued)
now has windows 11 EUFI secure boot (issue occurs still)
checked 4080 firmware
latest nvidia drivers
latest windows updates
latest motherboard drivers
Latest Bios
4080 connected to 3 x separate power cables from PSU
both motherboard ATX cables used 8 pin and 24pin

so the issue is that it just randomly goes black screen and all fans spin up fast and you have to hold the power button in to turn off and restart as normal.
this is random..ish. I reinstalled windows installed drivers, did updates, installed steam, ran 3D Mark, got about half way in. and did the black screen. rebooted and then did it again just on desktop.. then it can run for a hour or 2 without doing it. no blue screens just back.

The motherboard settings are a bit more complicated than AMD or what I've seen before with tones of settings and P cores and E cores and Create Genie mode etc.
OC settings are set in Normal mode. XMC profile 1 3200. P cores and E cores have been set All Cores in automatic mode and the issue remains. Turbo Boost mode. auto. issue remains and now im settles on Offset mode -3. and waiting to see if that fixes it. all voltages are set to auto. memory is XMP gear 1 3200.

Ive been back and forth with this for months and cant seem to find the issue. so looking for some help. He originally bought 4 x sticks of memory and now changed to 2 x sticks.
didnt fix it.

so where to start. the only second hand part is the processor.

thanks for the help
Welcome to the site, that must be really frustrating.

The only thing I can suggest would be to remove GPU, all HDD's except the boot drive, 1 stick or RAM and anything USB other than mouse and keyboard and see if the problem still occurs. Fingers crossed it doesn't, then attach everything removed one at a time and test to see which might be the problem. I'd suggest GPU last, could be a PSU issue. Do you have another rig you could test the GPU in? If so do that.

Others here may have more ideas too, I dont have experience with the latest Intel chips to suggest anything in BIOS for example. If you havent already you'd get a lot more eyes on this by posting over at Toms Hardware. Link to the thread here so people can cross reference if you do that.
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