Show off your forum banners

I'll start since I just made a new improvisatory one after the latest forum update and I kind of like it🎨. Can you guess the game? The guy with the green flappy ears if off course none other than Dominar Rygel XVI from the awesome sci-fi series Farscape. I picked him because we share some similar traits: Both are scared of scary things (still trying to get through Resident Evil 7: Biohazard), and both like shiny objects and good food. He is also good at camping out dangers, which I do a lot of in Battle Royale games. He is also witty on different occasions and I like to think of myself as that.
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hmm, I wish they wouldn't change the name of these things on different forums, I have to adjust my guide

This is mine, I didn't make it... that is on AMD


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But... you can see my profile banner by hovering over my avatar? Why would I post it??

(OK, I don't want to add a new media item because I just noticed I have a `leet number at the moment. ;))

P.S. 10's of thousands of profile views!? Must be bots.
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