Question Should I just get this monitor?

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Did you look at reviews first? Seems they haven't got many on the bq yet but most of these should apply - asking about BQ reviews.

this is the previous model

It doesn't look bad and your GPU's can easily run it at right speeds,

now stop buying GPU and let someone else get one :)
You the one that has to choose, go watch videos and find reviews. I wouldn't wait for them here, some of the advice you get here doesn't really tell you anything useful.
Here might be a good place to start- -

Last year I got this but its slower than yours but bigger
not selling it to you, just know its fun finding a good monitor. I would suggest watching videos and not just unboxings, actual reviews that spell out its weaknesses as well. So many videos don't tell you enough.
I don't play many games and the ones I have seem to run okay. There is always better but it was a good price (I paid less than website shows) and I am not rich.

Free sync is good enough now that Nvidia support it on more monitors... mine included :)


Sure, my GPU can't run many games at 144hz but maybe next one can, whatever that is. I have a 2070 Super, I don't plan on getting a new card until maybe next generation
May 24, 2021
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This is quite more powerful

This is bigger
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Since you choosing between Asus models, I would figure out which is the best one of all and buy that model if you can afford it. Then pick what size you want.
Figuring out best likely mean looking at reviews or comparisons between each. It is possible they each have different things they good at. I don't know as I only look at hardware if I am buying, I ignore it otherwise.
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